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Today may be Turkey Day in the United States, but for me something else special is going on today – my post in the Normal Happenings “Games That Define Us” series! I shared my thoughts on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, a game which has stayed in my number one spot for over a decade and that introduced me to positive online communities for the first time. Once you’re done checking out my article, be sure to go and see all the other games which have been covered as part of the project!

Normal Happenings

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Paper Mario music is subtle, relaxing… and underrated.

The Games That Define Us features carefully chosen music and remixes from the franchise of the game represented. Music is a key component of sharing the emotions one feels about a game, so we hope you will press the play button if you’re in a position to do so. 

introductionJust a brief summary if this is your first time here: This collaboration is a 34-day long adventure through video games. Each piece is its own unique audiovisual experience, complete with artwork, designs, music, and (most importantly) amazing works of prose by brilliant bloggers around the world. This adventure will take you through nostalgia, joy, ambition, self-discovery, regret, anxiety, frustration, mourning, and every human experience in between. Video games exist as fragments on the timeline of our lives, and each one of us have chosen the adventure…

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Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep – The Final

The Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep championship results will be announced tomorrow at 9 AM EST. If you haven’t seen Michael’s argument for Frank Fontaine, this is the best time to do so before the final results!

Git Gud at Life

Sup fellow finalists!

Competitors: Ganondorf (@sheikahplate) and Frank Fontaine (@gitgudatlife)
Designers: Chris (@overthinkery1) and Pix (@Pix1001)
Match Date: September 24th, 2018
Results Date: September 28th, 2018
Word Limit: 2000 words

Anyone can take on a single enemy. Taking on a dozen or so enemies isn’t really that tough either. But fighting an army of 1000 monsters born of the darkness left behind when a human body is deprived of its heart – now THAT’s scary! But that’s exactly what our lovely antagonists will have to do in this event if they plan to make it somewhere very important – the venue for their best friend’s wedding.

Villains keep strange company, so really it’s only natural that they would hang out with someone who thought a monster-infested canyon would be a cool place to tie the knot. As the best…

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Blogger Blitz Finale: One Thousand Strong

The Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep championship is here! This Friday at 9 AM EST, the results will go up and a champion will be declared. If you haven’t read Sheikah Plate’s argument for Ganondorf yet, now is the best time to go check it out before the results are posted!

Sheikah Plate

Okay, folks.  This is it – the Blogger Blitz Finale.  And after some intense writing, researching, and last-minute editing, I actually have a story I’m really proud of.  Is that weird to say?  I’m not sure I’ve ever truly been proud of something I’ve written, but this time I really am!  I can’t believe that this challenge is almost over.  I’ve learned so much through this.  Ian, as always, blows me away with his creativity and his ability to push boundaries, and, with the help of the other guest bloggers, of course, really brought out my creativity.  These last challenges have been harder than I thought I was capable of accomplishing and yet, I’ve been able to do it.  So thanks to Ian and his magnificent competition for helping me stretch myself a little bit and open up to a world I wasn’t sure I was capable of being a…

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