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When a hero begins their adventure through the fantastic but dangerous world of video games, they are not alone. Adventure Rules sit in the hero’s bag, providing guidance and comfort in a harsh world full of puzzles and monsters.

Life is your adventure, and this blog is the companion designed to ease your journey. Whether you’re looking for advice about video or tabletop games, news about upcoming releases, reviews of content I’ve enjoyed, or stories to take your mind off of the trials of the road, Adventure Rules has everything you need to make your journey successful. Be sure to follow so you never miss a moment of Adventure Rules!

Each week I strive to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 AM eastern time. Because Adventure Rules is created as a hobby and not as part of a professional position, my responsibilities may sometimes limit my ability to deliver on that schedule. I make an effort to post on Twitter if I’m not able to get a post up on a particular day. If you have any questions about existing content, upcoming content, or the blog in general, you can reach me there.

Curious about the different categories on the page’s sidebar? Simply click it to see all of the posts contained within, along with a description of what that category is all about! The categories enable you to search posts by things like the segment title, type of post (like a guide or review), or even by specific video game series. You can also navigate posts by the month and year in which they were posted, if you prefer.

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