About Me

This year I thought I’d go for a more action-y picture, to fit the whole “Adventure” theme.

My name is Robert Ian Shepard. I began this blog in  2015 as an exercise in writing more frequently and writing for the enjoyment of others. These days I don’t see the blog as exercise, but rather as an amazing opportunity to interact with other gamers and to share our ideas. I love hanging out with other bloggers and sharing my thoughts about what is going on in the world of gaming!

Currently I have no professional connection to video games. In the daylight hours I work for the justice system, developing programs and training employees within our agency to be as effective as they can be. I have a bachelors in Theater and English, and when I’m not writing, working, or gaming, I’m probably playing with my son or hanging out with my wife.

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter and I’m definitely willing to talk about any content I’ve posted here on the blog or just to converse about common interests in the gaming world. So if you’ve got any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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