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My name is Ian (he/him). I’m the executive producer, creative director, head writer, lead artist, and social media manager of the gaming blog Adventure Rules, the Essential Companion of Heroic Adventurers. I’ve been writing about games for over five years now, and writing as a hobby since the fourth grade. I began my video game journey with the Nintendo 64 and have been a huge fan of Nintendo consoles ever since, with the Switch being my primary mode of play currently. My favorite genres are JRPGs and turn-based tactics games, and I have a love for indie tabletop games where I prefer to play as the game master. In the real world I work as a data analyst.

If you want to get in touch with me to talk games, you can check out the Adventure Rules Twitter page using this link. I tweet my blog posts when they go live as well as sharing other gaming articles I enjoy, retweeting news or memes, and occasionally posting about my personal experiences with striving to improve my mental health. If you want to watch me play games, you can do so at twitch.tv/adventurerules, where I stream at 8 PM EST on Tuesday evenings.

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