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Adventure Rules is a gaming blog written not as a professional endeavor but as a hobby. The goals for the blog are not follower goals or viewership goals but instead personal ones, achievements that motivate me to keep the blog going and help me to enjoy this hobby as much as possible. With that in mind, the purpose of this page is twofold: to show my viewers what I strive for here on Adventure Rules, but also to remind myself why I do this.

The most important goal on Adventure Rules. This blog is my hobby – it’s purpose is provide me a creative outlet, to help me relax, and to have a sense of accomplishment outside of the workplace. When thinking about what articles to write or what projects to undertake, my goal will be to prioritize those ideas which seem to me to be the most fun and enjoyable. When the stress cost becomes greater than the reward that comes out of a project, I need to re-evaluate the significance of that project or change my approach. Video games are a blast to play and writing about them should bring that same sense of joy!

While I have some friends away from the keyboard who are interested in games, the online community is flush with people from different cultures and backgrounds who have totally different thoughts on games than I do. We’ve played different games or have different views on the same games, and it’s enjoyable to learn from the perspectives of others. As a blogger, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that collaborating with other bloggers or following them and reading their content is a chore that’s ultimately about engagement with your own blog. I don’t want to commodify my friends or make our relationships transactional. My goal is to read posts from people I enjoy following, to comment when I have something to say, and to collaborate with goal #1 foremost in my mind. True connection isn’t about growing my site – it’s about enjoying time with people just as excited about games as I am!

The types of articles I write for Adventure Rules vary from first impressions to guides to reviews, and the motivation that ties all of these articles together is the desire to make gaming a more positive experience for another person. First impressions and reviews help other players to understand whether or not they might be interested in a game. Guides and walkthroughs help a player to make the most of a game’s mechanics or to overcome difficult moments in the game so they can experience it in full. These are the types of articles I feel compelled to write and that I enjoy writing the most – keeping that motivation in mind as I create content for the blog will help to tie everything together with a common theme!

Historically on Adventure Rules I have set goals – whether measurable or not – which focused on helping the blog to achieve growth in the traditional sense. I want to focus on how Adventure Rules factors practically into my life. I also want to maximize how it contributes to positive changes in my mental health through applied creativity and meaningful connections. Most of all, I want being a blogger to be one of the most fun things that I do.

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