Announcing the Championship Match for Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep

Good morning, fight fans! The third Blogger Blitz has very nearly come to an end. Eight pairs of video game characters, each sponsored by an excellent blogger, have clashed in epic battles to overcome a variety of unusual challenges. Competitors have slowly been whittled away until now, only two remain. One of those two will be the champion of Blogger Blitz: Shipping Wars, but to earn that coveted title they’ll have to successfully overcome the final challenge. Today, I am announcing that final challenge:

Blogger Blitz Shipping Wars Morgana vs Itsuki Aoi


RED CORNER: Morgana, sponsored by @winstolf
BLUE CORNER: Itsuki Aoi, sponsored by @Pix1001
MATCH DATE: Monday, September 23rd, at 9 AM EST
RESULTS DATE: Friday, September 27th OR Saturday, September 28th
WORD LIMIT: 2000 words

The time has come for that most special of nights, the part of the high school experience which some long for and others dread – prom. You and your ship have agreed to go together and have made vigorous preparations for the night of the dance. Unfortunately, the forces of darkness have other plans. The night of the prom, you are attacked by a cognitive/mirage being who represents the insecurities that you feel regarding your relationship. Show us your fears about your Ship and show us how you overcome them – and their shadowy harbinger – to save the prom and have the night of your young life.

Given that both Persona 5 and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE are developed by ATLUS and have very similar settings, I decided to take the opportunity for the championship event to be a bit more personalized to the characters in the championship event. Whether it be a foul cognition from the Metaverse or a hostile mirage with a history in Fire Emblem, both of our heroes will face a shadowy opponent who is able to wield their innermost fears and insecurities against them. We’ve seen how each of these couples can work together to accomplish important tasks, we’ve seen them relax and spend time together at social events – now let’s see what threatens to unravel the bonds between them, and how each couple overcomes those barriers.

My hope is to post the final battle on September 27th at 9 AM during my normal posting schedule, but work has been such recently that it has been very difficult for me to write a results post in a single night. If work once again interferes, I’ll plan to post the results on Saturday as I did with both semifinal matches. Good luck to our competitors as they write and I hope you all enjoy the championship match!

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  1. Wow! This is perfect – nicely played!! It is really strange that it has worked out like this – with two such similar games being represented. Can’t wait to get writing and also can’t wait to read Winst0lf’s take on this – given his previous entries I’m sure it will be awesome!

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