Blogger Blitz: Shipping Wars Semifinal Match Schedule

Good morning, fight fans! We’ve had an eventful first month in the Blogger Blitz: Shipping Wars, so this week we are taking a break from matches. Instead, today we’ll be learning about the events for the semifinal round of the competition. We’re down to four competitors from the original eight, and after this round of matches it’ll be time for the championship! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. First, let’s see what the semifinal matches will be.

Blogger Blitz Shipping Wars Tyrande Whisperwind vs Morgana

RED CORNER: Tyrande Whisperwind, sponsored by FlameFlash
BLUE CORNER: Morgana, sponsored by Winst0lf
MATCH DATE: Monday, September 2nd, 9 AM EST
RESULTS DATE: Friday, September 6th, 9 AM EST
WORD LIMIT: 1500 words

Goodness, that last round of competition was pretty exhausting, eh? You and your ship could really use some time to relax, and a holiday at a ritzy hotel sounds like the perfect getaway! There’s only one problem: your opponent from the first round needed to blow off some steam after their loss and they thoroughly trashed the very hotel that you booked! Tell us all about the location from your world that you chose to visit, how your previous opponent wrecked the place, and how in the world you plan to fix it and bring this vacation back from the brink.

Hotel stays have become a normal part of my life recently thanks to the traveling that I do for work. Sometimes, the place where you stay can make or break your experience of somewhere new. A good hotel and good company together can make your holiday the relaxing vacation it is intended to be. But a bad enough place to stay can sour even the time spent with someone precious to you. This event is all about selecting the ideal location, finding it in a less than ideal state, and trying to turn the situation around. Which competitor will have a great holiday, and which one will return home more stressed than they left? Look for the match posts on September 2nd and look forward to the results on September 6th!

Blogger Blitz Shipping Wars Geralt of Rivia vs Itsuki Aoi

RED CORNER: Geralt of Rivia, sponsored by KT Martin
BLUE CORNER: Itsuki Aoi, sponsored by Pix1001
MATCH DATE: Monday, September 9th, 9 AM EST
RESULTS DATE: Friday, September 13th, 9 AM EST
WORD LIMIT: 1500 words

“Hey there, long time no see! What have you been up to lately? …Blogger Blitz? No, never heard of it. Anyway, the reason I was calling is because I need a serious favor. I’ve got a huge event coming up for work that’s out of town. Once in a lifetime opportunity, you know how it is. The problem is – you can see where I’m going with this, right? …yeah, I just need someone to watch him for like, one weekend. It shouldn’t be too bad. It’s been awhile since that time we found him in the woods, and he only threw six tantrums yesterday. Seriously, you’re a lifesaver, buddy! I’ll drop him off on my way to the airport in the morning. I want you to keep me posted on how he’s doing, okay? I won’t really have signal where I’m at, though. So maybe just write me a post on your blog or something to let me know that you’re all alive. That sound good?”

If there are young children in your family or you have friends with kids, surprise babysitting is likely a fact of life for you. And while sometimes watching your nephew or granddaughter or neighbor’s kid can be fun, there are some children who make the prospect…particularly challenging. This event is all about dealing with a rambunctious toddler alongside your Ship. But hey, you’re a video game hero, right? You’ve fought towering demons and saved the world more times than anyone can count. So watching a kid should totally be no problem, right? …right? We’ll find out for sure on September 9th when the match takes place, and the results of this little weekend chore will be posted on Friday, September 13th!

Good luck to our four competitors as they work on their articles for the upcoming matches! In the meantime, the judges and I are going to be taking a much-needed break until next week. This is a great time to catch up on the competition if you’ve missed any of the posts, so be sure to use the Blogger Blitz (2019) category on the sidebar to the right of the page so you can look back through the competition so far. I recommend following all of our competitors and judges if you haven’t done so already so you don’t miss any of the action in September. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week for more Blogger Blitz excitement!

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