Blogger Blitz Sign-Ups Extended! Three More Competitors Needed!

Hey adventurers! The Blogger Blitz: Shipping War competition is still looking for three more competitors to sign up and fill out the competition roster. Without a full crew we’ll have to potentially cut someone else from the roster to have an even number of competitors, or possibly not be able to proceed with the competition at all. So I am looking for three bloggers who would be interested in competing. Sign-ups can be completed by following this link and reading the directions there. I’ll leave sign-ups open til this Friday at 11:59 PM EST or until we fill the three remaining slots, whichever comes first. Please consider joining the competition – there’s not too much involved on the writing side and most past participants really enjoyed their time in Blogger Blitz!

UPDATE: I’ve now got eight folks signing up so “registration” is now closed! Thanks to all who have joined the competition!

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