Charming and Open – My Recurring Villain

While the partnership between last year’s Blogger Blitz champion Ellen and Bowser, King of the Koopas, didn’t go so smoothly during Black Sheep, they had quite the fun time together in the December 2017 Charming and Open event! I’m sharing the post again here as part of Adventure Rules Remastered, but be sure to go and check out Lightning’s original work on her snazzy blog Livid Lightning!

Livid Lightning

I’m still kinda devastated by Bowser’s heartbreaking Blogger Blitz defeat last Friday at the hands of Marjolaine. Alas, I should have never trusted her! Anyway, I decided to honor the big guy by re-posting my Bowser themed response to another great Adventure Rules community event I participated in last year called Charming and Open. Basically, you asked the gracious host Ian a question, and he gave you a question to answer in response. The questions were answered in the form of blog posts, thus creating a great sense of blogging community togetherness!

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