A Charming and Open Idea: My New Ride

For this morning’s edition of Adventure Rules Remastered, we’re revisiting a great Charming and Open submission by The Gaming Diaries all about the video game vehicle she’d want to have in real life. I loved the practical considerations she included and her ultimate conclusion is quite interesting. You’ll definitely want to check this one out!

Gaming Diaries

Robert Ian Shepard over at Adventure Rules posted a Charming and Open community event. The idea is that you can ask him a question about video games, tabletops or blogging, and this question will be answered in a blog post. In return, if you choose to accept it, he will ask a question which you can answer in a blog post. This sounded fun and I eventually thought of a question… although I asked one that was asked the first time this event was run. I really should have checked first (sorry)! However, as my question was quite open he decided he could answer it again with a different response. So my question was “If you could take a holiday in any gaming location where would you choose to go and how would you spend your holiday there?”. In return I have been asked “If you could choose one mode…

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