Charming and Open – Yeah, I’m Evil, What Of It?

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time for some more Adventure Rules Remastered! I’ll be sharing more posts from the December Charming and Open event, and this one was submitted by Chris at Overthinker Y. It’s all about what he would be like if he was a villain, which is an interesting coincidence given his recent participation in Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep. Go check it out and see his evil plans come to fruition!

OverThinker Y

The cool and collaborative Ian of Adventure Rules has just started up an event about getting lots of people to ask each other questions, and then… well, answer them. It’s called Charming and Open, and you can read about it (and I think you can still enter some questions, if you’re game) on Ian’s blog here. The essence of the thing is that lots of bloggers are encouraged to get involved, get to know one another, and generally spread the love, which is always nice and worth doing.

I’ve given Ian this zinger of a two-parter, which I’m sure he’ll have a brilliant answer for: ‘Which gaming character would you least likely to meet down a dark alley, and which would you most like to have by your side to protect you if you did happen to run into them?’

In return, he’s two-partered right back at me: ‘if…

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