Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep – Fontaine’s Script for the Semis

Tomorrow, the semifinal results will be posted and we will learn the second and final competitor for the Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep championship! If you missed Michael’s submission arguing in favor of Frank Fontaine, I fully recommend you give it a read before the results are announced. Be sure to come back tomorrow at 9 AM EST to see who will be competing against Teri Mae and Ganondorf in the final round!

Git Gud at Life

Sup people!

Welcome back to GGAL. Wow, can’t believe that I’ve finally handed in the final piece of work for my post-grad degree! Yeesh. I’m definitely gonna talk about college more in the future but for now… It’s battle time.

That’s right, this is my semi-final entry for the BloggerBlitz: Blacksheep competition. In case you haven’t got the memo, your boy has it right here

Competitors: Xehanort (@overthinkery1) and Frank Fontaine (@gitgudatlife)
Designers: Athena (@TheAmbiGamer) and Chris (@overthinkery1)
Match Date: September 10th, 2018
Results Date: September 14th, 2018
Word Limit: 1500 words

In the vastness of the universe, there exists a being known as the Shadow Broker. A powerful and mysterious alien creature, the Broker deals in secret knowledge and bears secrets too powerful for the mortal world. Among the many things the Broker knows, the most coveted secret of all is…

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