Master Xehanort in Blogger Blitz Round 2: Breaking the Broker

The Blogger Blitz semifinals are well under way, and this week’s match decides the final competitor who will battle for the championship. This post was submitted by Chris at Overthinker Y arguing in favor of Xehanort. Go check it out and be sure to come back Friday for the results of the match!

OverThinker Y

It’s time for a semifinal match, y’all! I am astonished to find myself here, but let’s just dive in, shall we? Our brief is as follows:

In the vastness of the universe, there exists a being known as the Shadow Broker. A powerful and mysterious alien creature, the Broker deals in secret knowledge and bears secrets too powerful for the mortal world. Among the many things the Broker knows, the most coveted secret of all is the knowledge of affordable real estate. Who among us has never thought, “I wish a scary alien would help ME find a modest home in a safe neighborhood!”? It is this very thought that spurns the villains to action in this semifinal event.

In this event, your sponsored villain is nearing the end of their lease and is ready to move into the frightening world of home ownership. But in this economy, it’s impossible…

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