Creature comforts: video game pets

Adventure Rules Remastered continues! This weekend I’m sharing some more posts from Charming and Open, this time from the monthlong event in December. The first question I received was from Kim at Later Levels, so her answer to my question is the first I’ll share. She talked all about the pet she would want from a video game, so I fully recommend all pet fans to check this one out!

Later Levels

At the end of April this year, Ian over at Adventure Rules ran the first ever Charming and Open event. He invited readers to ask him questions about video and tabletop games but there was one catch: in return, he could ask them a question of his own and both parties had to answer honestly. I decided to query Ian about the location in a video game he’d most like to visit; and he asked me about my memories of The Secret of Monkey Island.

It was such a good idea that many of us were very happy when he announced another Charming and Open event at the beginning of December! Austin from Reaper Interactive enquired about his most embarrassing gaming moment; Chris from OverThinker Y wanted to know which gaming character he’d least like to meet down a dark alley; and Retro Redress asked Ian to tell…

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