Movie Marauders: Marjolaine vs. Ganondorf

Blogger Blitz is back from a short hiatus, and our first semifinal match is already underway! If you missed Athena’s argument for Marjolaine in the Movie Marauders event, now’s your chance to check it out before the results are posted this Friday!


Friends, bloggers, countrymen… Welcome back to the semi-finals for this year’s Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep Edition hosted by Adventure Rules. It was a tough battle, but my sponsored candidate, Marjolainefrom Dragon Age: Origins, has prevailed and is now taking on yet another social event: a fiendishly fun movie night!

She is facing off against Ganondorf, sponsored by the fabulously talented Teri from Sheikah Plate, so definitely check out her entry for this match as well, and be very sure to tune in to Adventure Rules this Friday for the results of this bardmaster-to-Gerudo face-off!

The prompt is as follows:

It’s Friday and work this week has been pretty hectic – another upstart hero tried to stop your tyrannical rise to power, the royal heir escaped your wicked clutches, and cosmetic microtransactions were just announced for your favorite video game franchise. Luckily, you’ve got a relaxing weekend…

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