“Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep” round 1: Charles Jericho in “Parking Panic”

The final match of round one is in full swing, and today I’m sharing the post submitted by Alex arguing for his chosen villain, Charles Jericho. Check it out if you missed it and be sure to come back Friday, August 24th, to find out the final semifinalist for the Blogger Blitz!

Alex Sigsworth

The official schedule of the first round of Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep!

via Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep – Round One Match Schedule — Adventure Rules

I’m not going to explain what this is about, if you want more context, read the original post.


The wanted criminal Charles Jericho was in a race to the final spot in a parking lot on the fifth level.


For some reason, an old man was walking down the centre of the IN lane very slowly. Normally he’d run them down, but wanting to maintain his cover, he decided to offer the man a drive to where he was going – the fifth floor. He looked like Mohandas Ghandi.


Whizzing around the 2nd floor through the air was what appeared to be an amorphous pink ball of living matter. Normally, he’d shoot this down like a clay pigeon, but wanting…

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The real secret of Monkey Island

Continuing our journey through the original Charming and Open event as part of Adventure Rules Remastered, this post was shared by Kim at Later Levels as a response to the question I asked her! It’s a great post about why one of her favorite games is special to her, so I fully recommend checking it out.

Later Levels

At the end of last month, the lovely Ian over at Adventure Rules ran the first Charming and Open event. For an entire week he invited readers to ask him questions in connection with video games, tabletop games and blogging but there was one catch: in return, he could ask them a question of his choosing and both parties had to answer honestly! It was such a great idea and a number of us jumped on board. Mossaica asked how him felt games should handle falling off ledges while Luke from Hundstrasse asked him to reveal his gaming guilty pleasure; head over to the Adventure Rules website to check out more of the great posts published as a result of the event.

The quandary I put to Ian was: if you could visit any would within in video game, where would you go? He chose to take a…

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Weird Retro Mumblings: Sonic the Hedgehog on Game Gear was Strange

Adventure Rules Remastered continues, and today I’m sharing posts not written by me, but submitted as part of a community event I hosted. This post by Luke at the gaming blog Hundstrasse is about the first game he ever beat. I fully recommend you check it out and give Luke a follow if you haven’t yet!


This post is in response to the most excellent Ian Shepard of Adventure Rules as part of their Charming & Open blogging community event

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m super into the community aspects of blogging, it really is one of the best parts of putting together these posts and I’m lucky enough to be brushing shoulders with some excellent like-minded people (although diverse in gaming habits and tastes) who take the time and courage to throw community events out there and cause a storm. The aforementioned Ian over at ‘Adventure Rules’ had been teasing followers with the promise of something blogger directed and social for about a week before releasing his ‘Charming & Open’ event, a sort of cultural exchange of questions; so whilst I asked him to reveal all about his guilty gaming pleasure, he posed this puzzler right back at me:

What is the first game…

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Blogger Blitz Round 1: Blogger Blitzception

What happens when the King of Evil must write a blog post by manipulating a three-headed monkey to do his bidding? That’s what Teri Mae seeks to answer in this week’s Blogger Blitz match! Go check out her submission and be sure to come back tomorrow, Friday August 17th, at 9 AM EST to see the final results!

Sheikah Plate

Hey everyone!  By some unexpected chance, and though I hadn’t planned on participating this year, I am yet again a competitor in the coolest competition around!  For those of you who missed it the first time check out Ian, at Adventure Rules, blog.  He not only lists the round challenges and the overall rules, but that’s also where we will find the results!  Yay!  If you want to skip that article (BOO!  Shame on you!) then here’s a little explanation of the rules:

  • Each round of the competition has a 1000 word limit for round 1. There are no limitations on writing style.  Remember to pack your 1000 words with content that helps to prove why your character is the best at the event!
  • Within your own post, you define the circumstances and how difficult it is for your character to overcome the event. So be sure to craft…

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Blogger Blitz: Round One: Blogger Blitzception

This week’s Blogger Bliyz match is in full swing, and if you missed the posts I’ll be reblogging them right here on Adventure Rules! First up is FlameFlash from the gaming blog Monk of Mists, who chose Sigma from the Mega Man X franchise as his villain. Will Sigma’s machinations be enough to claim the first round? Find out Friday, August 17th, at 9 AM EST here on Adventure Rules!

Monk of Mists

Okay, so first off, if you have no idea what I’m doing, neither do I. If you want a bit more background on what’s going on, I stumbled on this really cool idea over on twitter, which led me to a search for an alternative.

What the crap is Blogger Blitz and why is it in this space? Because it’s related to gaming it’ll chill over here. Blogger Blitz itself is the brainchild of Robert Shepard from https://adventurerules.blog.

You can find more details about the competition over here. Meanwhile if you’d like to learn more about those participating, Robert has an awesome post here.

Finally, if you’re curious about the events of round one, they’re outlined here.

Let’s get this party started!

As a minor aside, this post was prepared prior to Teri Mae joining the competition but fortunately this particular challenge I felt was more…

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