Unexpected Charm

We’re almost done sharing the posts from the first Charming and Open event as part of Adventure Rules Remastered, and this one comes from Athena over at AmbiGaming Corner! It’s an excellent post on player choice that doesn’t just give a simple answer to my question. Thought provoking as always, Athena fully explores the topic at hand, so I encourage you to give this one a read!


Robert Ian Shepard from Adventure Rules had a series of “Charming and Open” posts, during which he asked questions posed by his readers, and in turn asked each one of them a question to answer in return. I liked the spirit of “Charming and Open,” so here we go!

*PS Do not do a Google image search for “charming and open.” I expected pictures of cute coffee shops and that was not what I found…*

Anyway, his question to me was, “Do you prefer games with a set story path or those with branching paths affected by your choices?”

Hooray! Someone asked me about choices in video games.

snoopy-hug One of my favorite things to talk about!

As you all know, I’m an RPG fan, so the answer seems pretty obvious as to which camp I’m usually in. But I’m going to take a step back because, really, the answer is, “It…

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