It’s Tricky

Another weekend means more Adventure Rules Remastered! I’m slowly working my way through Charming and Open posts that were submitted by other bloggers and sharing them here so they can all be archived in one place. Today’s post appears on Games and Stuff and covers the blogger’s least favorite entry in their favorite series – go check it out!


One rainy April day, I was sat at my computer, wandering through the garden of the internet, when I cam across the following blog . On this blog i stumbled across a challenge that Ian had set himself. The challenge was to the internet ( he must be braver than me) in which you,I or anyone were able to ask him anything…game related with the only caveat being that if you asked him a question, he had the opportunity to ask you one too.

As soon as I read this I thought crazy man what a great idea and i’ll admit i couldn’t wait to ask a question. I like to read other bloggers posts and the change to influence someone else’s writing seemed too good to miss, so with fingers eager to type, I read through the list of questions already asked, not wanting to make a mistake…

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