“Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep” round 1: Charles Jericho in “Parking Panic”

The final match of round one is in full swing, and today I’m sharing the post submitted by Alex arguing for his chosen villain, Charles Jericho. Check it out if you missed it and be sure to come back Friday, August 24th, to find out the final semifinalist for the Blogger Blitz!

Alex Sigsworth

The official schedule of the first round of Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep!

via Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep – Round One Match Schedule — Adventure Rules

I’m not going to explain what this is about, if you want more context, read the original post.


The wanted criminal Charles Jericho was in a race to the final spot in a parking lot on the fifth level.


For some reason, an old man was walking down the centre of the IN lane very slowly. Normally he’d run them down, but wanting to maintain his cover, he decided to offer the man a drive to where he was going – the fifth floor. He looked like Mohandas Ghandi.


Whizzing around the 2nd floor through the air was what appeared to be an amorphous pink ball of living matter. Normally, he’d shoot this down like a clay pigeon, but wanting…

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