If you could develop your own game, what kind of game would you make?

As I continue to update the blog as part of the Adventure Rules Remastered project, I’m sharing Charming and Open submissions from other bloggers. This post by Sam from For Fod’s Sake was part of the very first Charming and Open event on my blog. Check it out and give him a follow if you didn’t know him before!

For Fods Sake!

I’ve been blogging now for around 6 or 7 months, and it’s been an absolute blast. One of the biggest things that’s surprised me in that short time is the WordPress community. The guys and girls on there are great and have really helped push me to where I want to be.

Any-who, as WordPress has evolved, at least in my case, into a community of fantastic and like-minded folk, ‘community events’ have become a frequent thing. These are types of posts that promote blogger engagement and help people to get their name spread around. Robert Ian Shepard of Adventure Rules has set up the latest one I’ve stumbled upon, and it’s a doozey! It’s called the ‘Charming & Open’ event, and I’d highly recommend you check Ian’s page out, pronto!

In Layman’s terms, I ask a question, Ian asks a question in return. Here’s how the conversation panned out…

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