Blogger Blitz: Round One: Blogger Blitzception

This week’s Blogger Bliyz match is in full swing, and if you missed the posts I’ll be reblogging them right here on Adventure Rules! First up is FlameFlash from the gaming blog Monk of Mists, who chose Sigma from the Mega Man X franchise as his villain. Will Sigma’s machinations be enough to claim the first round? Find out Friday, August 17th, at 9 AM EST here on Adventure Rules!

Monk of Mists

Okay, so first off, if you have no idea what I’m doing, neither do I. If you want a bit more background on what’s going on, I stumbled on this really cool idea over on twitter, which led me to a search for an alternative.

What the crap is Blogger Blitz and why is it in this space? Because it’s related to gaming it’ll chill over here. Blogger Blitz itself is the brainchild of Robert Shepard from

You can find more details about the competition over here. Meanwhile if you’d like to learn more about those participating, Robert has an awesome post here.

Finally, if you’re curious about the events of round one, they’re outlined here.

Let’s get this party started!

As a minor aside, this post was prepared prior to Teri Mae joining the competition but fortunately this particular challenge I felt was more…

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