Adventure Rules Remastered: A Most Agreeable Review

As part of an ongoing effort to visually update Adventure Rules and better organize my content, I’ve been sharing some posts where I contributed text to other blogs. I typically do this for reblogs, but of course not every blog offers the option to share content in this manner. So today rather than directly sharing an article I worked on with someone else, I’ll simply be promoting it. The subject? My review of 88 Heroes – 98 Heroes Edition!

88 Heroes is a quirky platformer where 88 heroes have 88 minutes to survive 88 rooms filled with deadly traps and vicious enemies. I reviewed this game with a free product key provided by Reverb, the game’s developer, and gifted to me specifically by Lewis Packwood over at A Most Agreeable Pastime. I fully recommend you check out his blog as they do excellent work – as for the review I wrote for them, you can read it in full right here!

I hope you’ll consider checking out the review and then show some support to Lewis and his team as well. Thanks for reading, adventurers, and have a wonderful day!

88 Heroes You Died

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