Musical Mayhem – with Ian of Adventure Rules!

As part of my ongoing Adventure Rules Remastered project, I wanted to share some posts that I have contributed to that didn’t originally appear here on my blog. This first one is a favorite of mine – an excellent interview with Chris over at Overthinker Y! Chris is a great guy who is a lot of fun to talk to, and we had a nice conversation that then ended in him putting together a fun song for me! I fully recommend you go check it out, and while you’re there browse through his other Musical Mayhem pieces as well.

OverThinker Y

A while back, I promised Ian that the next Musical Mayhem could be with him, as a way of congratulating him on the resounding success of his Blogger Blitz event. Unfortunately, I took flipping ages to do the one with NekoJonez, so this is a little bit… post-end-of-event. Nevertheless, we’re here now, so let’s dive in!

As usual, this takes the form of an interview about all sorts of things, followed by me writing a track for my guest and then coming back to quickly discuss what I was able to come up with. For those who are overeager, you can skip to the track itself simply by clicking here, but you’d miss out on a lot of good stuff if you did!

By the by, previous chats have explored a few avenues, but this might be the deepest and least music-related one so far. Ian will…

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