Gaming Gripes – When Executive Decisions Override Creative Directions

As part of my ongoing Adventure Rules Remastered effort, I am adding posts from other blogs which are part of my community events or in which I provided text or content. In this case, I had a great interview with Triform Trinity where we spoke about a serious gripe I have about the gaming industry. Go check it out!


A thing that often happens within the video game industry, is when games suddenly changes from their original idea. Sure, it’s not like talking about stage one from when the idea gets made and the difference in the released game at the last stage. No, I’m talking about when games completely changes from what it originally was promised to be or when what the creative directions had tried to make as their vision for us to enjoy… completely gets destroyed by executives decisions in order to make more money and therefore sacrifices the game that even isn’t completely finished upon release date.

For the third segment in the series, I’m proud to announce that today’s guest is none other than Robert from Adventure Rules. You might know him from his quite interesting Blogger Blitz or the many posts that goes into different opinion pieces about certain aspects from video games…

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