What video game character grinds your gears the most?

And here it is, the final post for the original Charming and Open event here on Adventure Rules! I’ve been sharing these slowly over the course of the last couple of weeks as part of a massive blog update called Adventure Rules Remastered. Sam from For Fod’s Sake compiled an excellent list of truly annoying video game characters, so go check out his hard work!

For Fods Sake!

A few days ago, I answered Robert Ian Shepard’s question during his ‘Charming & Open’ event. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, I’d suggest checking out Ian’s page for all the details. Basically, it’s a way of generating content for your blog, whilst also promoting community engagement. A whole army of bloggers have bombarded Ian with questions and in return he dishes out some of his own in a rather bizarre you scratch my back, i’ll scratch your back kind of way.

Previously, Ian asked me the following:

If you could develop your own game, what kind of game would you make?

You can check out my answer here. After updating Ian that I’d finished my post, I felt a sudden hunger for more. So, I simply asked.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 14.53.23

This leads me to my second question and thankfully it’s a hell of a lot easier that the first!

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Unexpected Charm

We’re almost done sharing the posts from the first Charming and Open event as part of Adventure Rules Remastered, and this one comes from Athena over at AmbiGaming Corner! It’s an excellent post on player choice that doesn’t just give a simple answer to my question. Thought provoking as always, Athena fully explores the topic at hand, so I encourage you to give this one a read!


Robert Ian Shepard from Adventure Rules had a series of “Charming and Open” posts, during which he asked questions posed by his readers, and in turn asked each one of them a question to answer in return. I liked the spirit of “Charming and Open,” so here we go!

*PS Do not do a Google image search for “charming and open.” I expected pictures of cute coffee shops and that was not what I found…*

Anyway, his question to me was, “Do you prefer games with a set story path or those with branching paths affected by your choices?”

Hooray! Someone asked me about choices in video games.

snoopy-hug One of my favorite things to talk about!

As you all know, I’m an RPG fan, so the answer seems pretty obvious as to which camp I’m usually in. But I’m going to take a step back because, really, the answer is, “It…

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It’s Tricky

Another weekend means more Adventure Rules Remastered! I’m slowly working my way through Charming and Open posts that were submitted by other bloggers and sharing them here so they can all be archived in one place. Today’s post appears on Games and Stuff and covers the blogger’s least favorite entry in their favorite series – go check it out!


One rainy April day, I was sat at my computer, wandering through the garden of the internet, when I cam across the following blog https://ianshepard.wordpress.com . On this blog i stumbled across a challenge that Ian had set himself. The challenge was to the internet ( he must be braver than me) in which you,I or anyone were able to ask him anything…game related with the only caveat being that if you asked him a question, he had the opportunity to ask you one too.

As soon as I read this I thought crazy man what a great idea and i’ll admit i couldn’t wait to ask a question. I like to read other bloggers posts and the change to influence someone else’s writing seemed too good to miss, so with fingers eager to type, I read through the list of questions already asked, not wanting to make a mistake…

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