Wingman Wedding – A Question of the Month Submission

The biggest wedding of the year is on the horizon – the Question of the Month wedding! I may not know who’s getting married, but I know I’m invited and expected to show up dressed to the nines alongside a plus one of my choice. This question was designed by The Gaming Diaries, an excellent blogger that you definitely need to go visit if you’ve not met her yet. I personally recommend her article on the recent media coverage around gaming addiction as a good starting point!

I have two characters to choose for this question: a plus-one to bring with me, and someone to help us dress fashionably. Now typically when I hear plus-one the mental association I make is automatically one with a romantic subtext. The thing is, the plus-one slot is already taken up by my wife, so I’m gonna need to interpret it differently for the purposes of this event. Or do I? Maybe this is less about my romance, and more about romance for somebody else. After all, weddings are a big opportunity for single folks in some cultures. This could be my chance to choose a plus-one who needs a little help in the romance department! And with that, I know exactly who I want to choose:

Kellam Meme

Kellam is one of my favorite characters in Fire Emblem Awakening. He’s a gentle, well-meaning soul who is both knowledgeable and a really good listener. The thing is, he’s also something of an enigma. Kellam often goes unnoticed by other people in the room and even on the battlefield – he has been known to shout and wave his arms at enemies only for them to charge right past him. Despite his huge suit of armor, he’s a master of unintentional stealth and folks rarely recognize that he is present. At the end of the game, while everyone else is written of in history books, Kellam is strangely overlooked.

It’s a shame to see such a great guy going unnoticed, so I’ll make it my mission at this wedding to help him meet somebody who can actually see him. In order to do that, though, he and I will both need some snappy outfits, so we need a video game character who can equip us with the best fashion available. The thing us, Kellam’s fashion needs are pretty particular – who can garb him in clothing that’s medieval chic? Luckily, I’ve got an idea for that too.

Dirk (Tales of Symphonia)

Dirk here is Lloyd’s adoptive father in the video game Tales of Symphonia. He’s a dwarven blacksmith of particular talent who forges quality materials with practical style. He designs the key crests (protective charms that prevent the damaging effects of certain equips in the game) for many members of the adventuring party, as well as forging one of the two blades that make up Lloyd’s ultimate weapon, the Material Blade. While he may not be known in the modern fashion world, a dwarven blacksmith makes way more sense to make an outfit for a knight like Kellam than someone who designs clothes for characters with more modern sensibilities.

Material Blades
Dirk made the sword on the right.

With magical armor forged by a dwarven blacksmith and me to grease the wheels, my hope is that Kellam will finally be noticed at this grand wedding. But what about you, adventurers? Who would you choose for your Question of the Month answer? If you have an idea, there’s still time to jump in and participate, so head over to Later Levels for details. Thanks for reading!

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