Blogger Blitz Black Sheep – Round 1: Totalitarian Teatime

It’s here, adventurers, the beginning of the Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep competition! Both posts were shared yesterday on the blogs of the respective competitors, but I’ll be sharing them here on Adventure Rules today and Thursday to make sure everyone interested in the Blitz is able to see them. Today’s post was submitted by Lightning Ellen, who sponsored Bowser in the competition. Go check out her blog and be sure to return Friday to see the results!

Livid Lightning

Ladies, gentlemen, dear friends, and heartless spam-bots!

OMG!! It’s time for the 2nd annual Blogger Blitz event brought to you by Ian of Adventure Rules. I had a freaking blast (even though it was hella hard) partaking in last year’s Blogger Blitz insanity with my shero, Lightning Farron. This year the rules are a little different… Only villains are allowed to play and they are bumbling their way through scenarios the blogging community created in the months leading up to this (very cool idea!). I decided to go with my all-time favourite bad guy, Bowser from the iconic Mario series. Bwahahaha!! Sorry, I think I’m still in character. Ahem.

I was actually on the fence about jumping into the action again this year. Distracting health issues and whatnot, plus I knew there would be extra pressure on me as the returning “champion”. I decided to just go for it and…

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Super Mario Party Looks Super!

There are some games that were important to me as a kid that I haven't played in quite a long time. I played Mega Man X all the time growing up, but I've passed on Mega Man 9 and 10 when they came out, as well as any legacy collections. I enjoyed playing Crash Bandicoot... Continue Reading →

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