Let’s Design the Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep Championship!

Good morning, fight fans! July is fast approaching and along with it, the second annual Blogger Blitz competition! This is a community event that I’ll be hosting right here on Adventure Rules which pits bloggers against one another in friendly yet competitive matches for blogging glory. This year’s theme is Black Sheep, so the contest is all about changing up the way things have been done in the past and will feature exclusively villains as the characters in the competition.

During the month of May, a few fight fans chipped in and helped to create a number of events for the competition. Those events will make up round one of the Blogger Blitz. However, we still need to design the most important event of all: the championship match! The final battle between our two best villains will be a throwdown of epic proportions, so the event in which they compete is of utmost importance. So during the month of June, you will once again have the opportunity to contribute ideas for the competition!

The championship submissions will work quite similarly to the process we used in May. There will be two phases – event submission and event design. Event submission takes place right here on this blog post, while event design takes place on Twitter. If you’re interested in getting involved, you’ll want to make sure you are following Adventure Rules in both places so you don’t miss a moment! Finally, at the end of the month there will be a vote to determine which of the events will be the championship match. If your favorite doesn’t win, no worries – second and third place winners will make up the semifinal events for the competition! With all that in mind, let’s get into the specifics of how this process will work.

Event Submission Phase 2

The event submission phase will take place starting immediately, right here in the comment section of this post. For the championship event, I’m looking for something a little different than what you might have submitted in May. Each blogger who comments should leave me two things: your favorite video game quest and something you’re looking forward to this summer. Let’s break that down a little.

Your favorite video game quest can be from any video game, even those which don’t have a traditional quest-based structure. In a more cinematic game, the part you’re thinking of might be framed as a “sequence;” it might also be called a “chapter,” a “mission,” or any number of other things. The most important thing here is that it should be a focused task from the game with a tangible beginning and end. Maybe your favorite quest is rescuing a kidnapped maiden from a foul sorcerer, or escorting a wounded animal to a place where it can be healed. Maybe you enjoyed hunting a giant monster to harvest its parts or you loved investigating an unusual crime to determine the culprit. Only you know your own favorite quest, so tell me about it as the first part of your comment!

Something you’re looking forward to this summer could be something big or something small. Maybe you’re going to E3, but maybe you’re just excited to get out of school for awhile. Are you planning a vacation? Starting a new diet? Getting together with some friends for a tabletop game? Any and all of these things are fine options!

So when you leave your comment at the end of today’s post, it should have two parts: your favorite video game quest and something you’re looking forward to this summer. The ideas you submit will be jumbled together with ideas from other adventurers during the second phase of the process, the event design phase.

Event Design Phase 2

The event design phase takes place exclusively on Twitter, so if you don’t follow me there yet then you’ll want to pop over and do so in order to participate in this part of the process. During the event design, I will take the ideas submitted by each blogger during the event submission phase and jumble them together, randomly pairing favorite quests with things to look forward to in order to create event concepts for the competition. These will be posted as Twitter polls so that you can easily vote for your favorite combinations!

Once the events have been designed through use of the Twitter polls, I’ll post a final vote here on Adventure Rules where you can choose which of the events that were designed should be the championship competition. The winner of that vote will become the championship event, while second and third place will become the events for the semifinal competition. My plan is to keep the results of that vote a secret until the semifinals and the championship, but we’ll have to see if the power of technology allows me to do that!

Participate in Blogger Blitz 2

With all that said, now is your time to shine, fight fans! All you have to do to get involved is tell me your favorite video game quest and something you’re looking forward to this summer in the comment section below. That simple comment will be the first step in creating exciting events for the final parts of the Blogger Blitz! Thanks to everyone who has already participated in the first event design back in May, and I look forward to seeing even more folks involved in the process in June!

12 thoughts on “Let’s Design the Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep Championship!

Add yours

  1. Okay so. My favorite video game quest is either Thane’s personal quest in Mass Effect 2 (if it’s supposed to be something short like that) OR the Shadow Broker questline for Liara, which is an entire DLC so I don’t know if that can count for this. I guess… tell me which one you prefer and I’ll go into more detail about it??

    Something I’m looking forward to this summer is going down the shore on vacation and spending a week by the ocean, probably reading on the beach.

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      1. Which of these wonderful quests do you think a video game villain could resolve in a 1200 word blog post, haha?

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      2. Hm… Maybe Shadow Broker… it has variation, but is pretty straightforward: recon, car chase, boss battle, climb around on the outside of a big ship, save a guy, bigger boss battle haha

        I think the other ones could lend themselves too much to “hit everything with a sword until the problem goes away” so… yeah haha

        But really, whichever one you prefer!

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  2. My favourite sequence…. is a tricky one. The first thing that came to mind was the Battle of 1000 Heartless from KH2, which is, er… a battle against 1000 enemies. I can think of a few other more varied things, though, and maybe that would work better?

    As for something I’m looking forward to this summer, I’m hoping that by the end of summer I’ll be fully moved into my new home and we’ll be barbecuing and all that. It’s going to take some adjusting, but it’s what I’ve been looking forward to for years now, so I’m pretty hyped!

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    1. Ah yeah, hosting a barbecue at your own house is definitely the dream. That’s gonna be exciting!
      I love the Battle of 1000 Heartless, personally. The music during that sequence is great, and all the moments where you get to join together with different Final Fantasy characters for short team ups are super fun!
      It’s an interesting question of whether something more varied would be necessary or not – most of the Blogger Blitz events actually don’t involve a great deal of punching stuff, so although a fighting-based quest would be pretty bog-standard from a video game perspective, it’d actually be pretty unique in this format. I think we can stick with it!


      1. I mean, the actual battle with 1000 Heartless is indeed pretty straightforward and maybe that would be quite a nice thing to have, but if you did want to extend it out you could have the event start when Sora and co. meet Mickey, fight Demyx (DANCE WATER DANCE), then make their way down through that team-up section and finally do the battle. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on around then, it’s been a while.

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  3. wow you are really putting a ton of work into this, I commend you sir!

    Favourite video game quest? At least of recent memory, Movie Night from Mass Effect Andromeda
    An event I’m looking forward to this summer? Well, I have to go none other than my first child!

    There ya have it, really interested to see how this all mashes up and for the final votes. Have to ask since I’m a bit unclear, is the twitter participation part happening right now? Or is that to come still?

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    1. The Twitter part will probably start the week after E3. I intended to start sooner but June’s round of event submissions has been way lighter than May’s, and honestly I feel like trying to post a poll in the midst of all the E3 hype will probably end up in low numbers there too. So I’ll wait until after!

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  4. I hope this is still open, I’m sorry I’ve wanted to put something in for this for ages but stuff’s been getting in the way lately, and also I’ve found it worryingly difficult to think of something I’m looking forward to, but hey ho.

    Ok, so the thing I’m looking forward to is my best friend’s wedding, and my favourite ever quest from a video game is The Hungry Man from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. In this quest, our hero Itsuki Aoi teaches the proud but laconic actor, Yashiro Tsurugi how to perfectly perform the role of ‘TV chef’, by taking Yashiro to a cafe and describing to him in great detail the experience of eating a Victoria Sponge (it could be a cheesecake, who can say?). More details available on request 🙂

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    1. That’s a great choice! And no worries about taking some time to submit an idea – I think June has been a wild month for many of us!

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