Adventure Rules Monthly Update: Re-Restructuring

If you were around for the update back in March, then you know that things have been a little crazy lately in the world of Adventure Rules. Or rather, in the world of the guy who keeps this little blog going. In March I tried to address my recent decrease in blogging time by changing to a structure where my posts were a little less time consuming. This involved changing to a style where I wrote new posts in the same three categories each week, that way I wouldn’t have to come up with “new ideas” so much and could get concepts on (virtual) paper much faster. It certainly did make writing easier to keep up with and I’ve been ahead of the game more in the past few weeks than I ever have previously with my blogging.

However, the new approach has had some negative side effects to go along with the positive outcomes. Those effects are related primarily to the traditional measures of success on the blog: views and comments. March has been the worst month of 2018 for stats by a pretty wide margin, dipping back down quite close to 2017 numbers. Comments, in particular, sit at about half of what they’ve been for the past two months. I think this is primarily due to the fact that posting basically the same content every week has really narrowed my reach. A lot of my regular followers who support the blog aren’t necessarily Nintendo fans, so posting constantly about very specific Nintendo franchises makes Adventure Rules a little less accessible.

I’ve been thinking hard about the direction of the blog. I’m not someone who cares about getting famous or making Adventure Rules monetized or anything like that. However, I do feel that traditional measures of success are pretty important and that I need to make some decisions about how to get people reading the blog again. As such, today I am announcing a number of new things you can expect from Adventure Rules in the future. It is my belief that the following seven-day schedule should optimize the general appeal of Adventure Rules without overwhelming my ability to write.

High Ground Meme

What’s more relateable to members of every gaming community than a hatred of in-game purchases? Paying for the content of a video game after you’ve already paid for the content of that video game ticks everyone off, and this will be a perfect opportunity for me to talk about how awful EA is. There’s always going to be some company that tries to swindle its customers through inclusion of paid DLC and microtransactions, and I consider it my journalistic duty to complain about all of them. As a parent, all I really have to do is let my kid download some apps and I’ll have fodder for this segment for weeks.


I have historically considered Adventure Rules to be pretty apolitical, but I have to face the facts – the only way to succeed in the blogging world these days is to share your views aggressively with everybody who will listen and even more aggressively with the people who won’t. This segment won’t always be about Trump, but I’ll be sure to plaster his name all over it to get maximum clicks. I know that the original Tabletop Tuesday was my oldest segment on Adventure Rules, but nobody cares about roleplaying games. They’re way too nerdy and really, the only good one is Dungeons and Dragons anyway.

Charming and Open 2

It’s important that Adventure Rules acknowledges its roots during these drastic changes, so I want to make sure that each Wednesday is dedicated to a community event. WordPress bloggers are total suckers for anything that gives them free writing ideas and I need to milk that for all it’s worth. Plus if I do a new Blogger Blitz once a month, the Twitter buzz about WordPress Wednesday will be totally out of control!

Just Girly Things

Lifestyle blogs are a lot more popular than gaming blogs, so I need to capitalize on that mess. I have a pretty interesting life to talk about, after all. In fact, I hit pretty much every requirement for a good lifestyle blog. I’m married, I have a kid, I have quirky hobbies, and my career has sufficient variety to provide me with funny anecdotes to share. Eventually this segment will cease to be written and be recorded as vlogs, and then it will cease to be vlogs and be converted to an Adventure Rules instagram page.


Hey, not every day needs a special theme! Friday is always a good day, and it’s the perfect day for me to post perfectly normal Adventure Rules content.

Playstation 4

What kind of gaming blog doesn’t talk about what is clearly the most superior console? I spend all my time talking about games like Mario and Zelda when nobody even plays those childish, immature titles. I need to play edgy games like Far Cry 5, God of War, and most important of all, Call of Duty. Good thing that I am totally amazing at serious, adult games, because then I can make useful guides for them.

Overwatch Winston

The day of the Lord is all well and good, but wouldn’t it be better if it was focused on the objectification of virtual characters? I certainly think so, and what better game to start off this steamy celebration than Overwatch? I would say that I could get my wife to help me by telling me about which guys are hot, but since straight dudes are the only people who actually play video games there’s no reason for me to feature that nonsense. We all know what the internet really wants to see.

There you have it folks, my future plans for the direction of Adventure Rules. I think this new approach to the blog will really make a meaningful difference to my traffic and comments, and as we all know, those are the most important aspects of being a blogger. I hope you’re excited for this new direction, and I look forward to seeing you here for all of the new segments throughout the week. I hope you all have a wonderful April 1st and are ready to hear me talk about how terrible loot boxes are tomorrow!

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  1. It’s tough keeping those numbers up when adjusting to changes in life. Went though the same thing, not that my numbers were sky rocketing before my new job, but they have definitely gone down a bit.

    Good luck and look forward to what you put out. Have to sadly admit I haven’t had much time to check into blogs so sorry if I haven’t given you a few extra views 😦

    Would definitely love to see another blogger blitz. The first one was such a hit, and I loved reading every round of it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I definitely plan to bring it back, it’s all just a matter of timing. Gotta make the fans sweat a little, right? 😉

      And no worries about not being able to drop by. I remember my wife’s pregnancy well and those are tumultuous times – the fact that you have time to put together podcasts is impressive, let alone to try and read what all these different bloggers are up to! You are appreciated for whatever level of support you choose to offer.

      Liked by 1 person

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