“What’s the Best Video Game Crossover?”

Hello, adventurers, and welcome to my next submission for Later Level‘s Question of the Month! Last month I did not manage to claim victory in the challenge of the personal trainer, but March is a new month and I think I have a pretty strong contender this time around. If you enjoy this question, be sure to visit Hundstrasse to see what he’s been up to lately.

Before Super Smash brothers introduced us to the idea of Nintendo characters appearing in each other’s franchise, Super Mario RPG was already setting the bar. The whole concept of the game is a crossover between Mario characters and Final Fantasy storytelling, but beyond that there are characters from other Nintendo games that show up as well. Both Link and Samus can be found at certain inns in the game, a great nod to the other mighty Nintendo franchises of the time. And if you make it to the secret boss Culex, you might find that he looks VERY familiar indeed…

You’ve got all month long to submit your own answer to Later Levels for this question of the month, and at the end of March Hundstrasse will choose his favorite. In the meantime, feel free to share your comments about Super Mario RPG below! Have you played the game? Who was your favorite character? Did you enjoy the other Nintendo cameos? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game!

One thought on ““What’s the Best Video Game Crossover?”

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  1. Super Mario RPG is definitely one of the best games on the SNES. Not only that, but it manages to be better than a lot of contemporary JRPGs with its action command-based combat and platforming elements. This was the first JRPG I played, and I think we have it to thank for me preferring games without random encounters over ones that have them.


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