“Which Video Game Character Would You Recruit as Your Personal Trainer?”

The holidays can be a wonderful time when it comes to culinary pursuits. Most families go all-out to prepare huge meals for Christmastime. Stockings are stuffed with favorite candies or gift cards to local restaurants. Discounted holiday sweets fly off of store shelves after all of the festivities have ended. The sudden intake of sizzling meat, starchy sides, and luscious chocolate is pretty satisfying until you take a look in the mirror mid-January and wonder “when did I put a Fun House mirror in my bathroom?”

With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, and Easter after that, things certainly aren’t going to get any better. That’s why we need a hero, a hero of personal fitness to come and save us from ourselves. Luckily, someone recognized this dire need and sent out a call for aid. That someone is Kevin The Lawful Geek from the blog The Mental Attic. He’s a cool fellow who I first met when watching him stream during GameBlast 2017 in support of Special Effect, along with the blogger responsible for organizing the Question of the Month event each month, Kim of Later Levels.

Here’s how it works. Kevin posed his question through Kim. Bloggers who want to participate have all month long to submit their answers by writing a response post and then submitting it by linking The Mental Attic and Later Levels. At the end of February, Kevin will decide whose answer was best and Kim will announce the winner. And we’ll do it all again next month! Your answer can be short, long, funny, serious, a blog post, or an ice sculpture, so regardless of your talents feel free to jump in and have some fun!

So, which video game character would I want as my personal trainer? I present to you:


Who better to hire as a personal trainer than the trainer of the Hero of Winds? Orca may look old and a little pudgy, but when it comes to teaching the art of health and fitness he can’t be beat. Orca pushes his students while being respectful and kind. And although he’s not a bookworm like his brother, he values practical knowledge and has an air of wisdom that makes him easy to get along with. Combine this with his awesome battle theme (which makes a great workout song) and Orca is the obvious choice to whip someone into shape!

That’s it for me, adventurers! If you want to check out the event and participate, you can follow this link to Later Levels where The Mental Attic submitted his question in full. I look forward to seeing your submissions and wish you luck in the competition!

4 thoughts on ““Which Video Game Character Would You Recruit as Your Personal Trainer?”

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  1. I would have to go with Doc Louis, seeing as how he’s actually a professional trainer. And if Little Mac’s Smash trailer is anything to go by, he’d have no shortage of amusing one-liners to shout at me while we train.

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