My Hopes for the Rumored January 2018 Direct

In January 2017, Nintendo released a Direct presentation that shed light on the mysterious device known as the Nintendo Switch. We’d seen the console and what it could supposedly do. Brief glimpses of upcoming titles were offered, but fans knew almost nothing concrete. After months of waiting, fans finally learned a little something about the upcoming Nintendo console when the month of January rolled around. I covered that Direct and even did an article on some of the games that were announced, and now this year it looks like we might be treated to another Nintendo Direct around the same time. This rumor has been reported by a few different sources around the internet, but I will emphasize that right now it’s just a rumor. Despite that, just the thought of a new Direct gets me excited so I wanted to take some time to discuss my personal hopes for what we might see.

Super Mario Odyssey Cover

Super Mario Odyssey dropped in late October and it didn’t take me long to explore the game to my heart’s content. There are a lot of positives to point out about this game – it may not have reinvented the wheel where Mario is concerned, but it took what works for his 3D adventures and refined into a winning formula that made an excellent game. The main thing that I personally wanted more of when I finished the game were the various kingdoms to explore – while the base game featured quite a few and they had plenty of things to do within them, scouring every nook and cranny of familiar territory to find the last purple coin or Power Moon doesn’t appeal to me in the way an entirely new area does.

I’d love to see DLC for this game that opens up some brand new kingdoms for Mario to experience. This game is at its most fun when you’ve entered a kingdom for the first time. What kinds of enemies can you capture? How the heck do you get to the top of that tower? Where are the 8-bit Mario challenges in this kingdom? All of these questions push you to explore and that first encounter with an unfamiliar place creates feelings of excitement and adventure. That’s the part of Mario Odyssey I loved the most and that’s the part I’d like to see expanded with DLC.

As far as particular kingdom types I might wish for? Well, something I think many players would like to see is an expanded Ruined Kingdom. The way this location was introduced in the game felt so epic and the boss battle here is unique for a Mario game. There’s this build-up that makes the Ruined Kingdom appear to be an incredible place, but the disappointing reality is that there is nothing to explore within it. Expanding upon that doesn’t seem as if it would be quite as difficult as building a new kingdom from scratch (although I’m a technological dunce so maybe that isn’t the case). In addition to an expanded Ruined Kingdom, I think it would be fun to see more kingdoms like the Wooded Kingdom where you have a sort of odd fusion of two different concepts. Perhaps a prehistoric kingdom that also features alien technology, or a kingdom in the sky beset by pirate ships. Honestly, though, it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me. It’s not that I think a certain kingdom type is “missing” – I just think having even more kingdoms to explore would be a lot of fun!

Fire Emblem Switch
Last year after the first January direct revealed some of the secrets about the Nintendo Switch, a second direct was held focusing specifically on Fire Emblem titles. This is where we learned about games like Fire Emblem Heroes, Fire Emblem Echoes, Fire Emblem Warriors, and finally Fire Emblem Switch (if I type Fire Emblem one more time I think those letters will fall off my keyboard). No details were shared about FE Switch at that time – only that it was a Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo Switch tentatively planned for release in 2018.

Well it’s 2018 now, dang it, and if this game is coming out this year I certainly want to learn a few things about it. This month makes one year since the game was announced and no information has come to light since that time. And while I suppose that FE Switch could pull attention away from Warriors, they are ultimately going to be two very different games and I think most fans will be a lot more excited about a new main series title.

Now if you’re curious about my hopes for this game, they have been discussed to varying degrees in the article I linked directly above as well as this article about my experience with the various US Fire Emblem games. And oh, I almost forgot about this post focusing solely on my hopes and desires for Fire Emblem Switch. I’ll let those articles speak for themselves rather than repeat myself here. Regardless of what the game turns out to be like, I’d love for this Direct to give us concrete information about it, if only so I stop writing articles about it (although let’s be honest, that won’t happen anytime soon).

Phoenix Wright Cover
Goodness, aren’t I contributing to the rumor mill today? Recently there have been mutterings on the internet about the possibility of multiple Ace Attorney titles coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Specifically, we’re supposed to expect two compilations with three titles each before finally receiving a brand new Ace Attorney experience. The compilations cover the original Phoenix Wright trilogy (Ace Attorney, Justice for All, Trials and Tribulations) and the new Phoenix Wright trilogy (Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, Spirit of Justice).

My hope here is that Nintendo confirms that this rumor is true, possibly with release dates for the two compilations. While I have played through the entirety of the original Ace Attorney trilogy, I just this week started on Apollo Justice and I do not currently own either Dual Destinies or Spirit of Justice. The ability to experience these games on my Nintendo Switch would be fantastic, particularly if the compilation with all three games costs less than buying them individually for my 3DS. For bonus points, they could also release some information about the story of the new entry into the series.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
At E3 2017, Pokemon fans heard a series of magical words they never expected to be spoken – a main line Pokemon title would be coming to a Nintendo home console. No other information was provided on this mysterious title that I will currently refer to as “Pokemon Switch,” but there is certainly speculation to be had. Will this game serve as the first entry into Generation VIII? Will this be the remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans are awaiting? Is the Pokemon series being totally rebooted? Everyone has ideas and hopes but no one knows what to expect from this game.

While learning more about Pokemon Switch is on my wish list, this is one of the things that I honestly think is the least likely. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon just came out about a month and a half ago. Nintendo has been good about showering love on the 3DS despite the Switch’s presence on the market, and I don’t think they would yank all the hype away from these titles in order to reveal information about Pokemon Switch. I expect this title to get its own Direct later in the year, or potentially to be a big topic of discussion at E3. But since I personally am not caught up in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon hype, I’d be glad to learn a little more about what will probably be the next Pokemon game I play.

Nintendo Switch Games 2017

Sure, there are plenty of games I’m excited for that I want to learn more about during this Direct. But what excites me the most are the games I haven’t heard of yet. There are quite a few solid Switch titles represented on the chart pictured above, but one of my favorites – Mario + Rabbids – isn’t there. And there are plenty of other Switch titles, particularly indies, that we didn’t know anything about when the console was first unveiled. Similarly, right now there are some amazing games in development that we haven’t heard of yet, and this rumored January Direct could very well be the first we learn of them.

I would love to be sidelined this year by another game as quirky as Snipperclips or Mario + Rabbids. These weird and unexpected titles bring something special to the console and keep us playing while we’re waiting on the next Pokemon or Metroid or whatever else. This is also the hardest section for me to talk about simply because I don’t know anything about these games yet. I don’t want to know about them, because then they don’t have that special charm that makes them a genuine surprise.

Nintendo gets bonus points if they make it so that a cool and unexpected game becomes available after the Direct is over. They’ve done this a couple of times now – “hey, check out this cool thing, and if you liked it you can go buy it on the E-Shop right now!” Sometimes it’s with indie games, sometimes virtual console, sometimes demos, but I would be really excited if they announced something that’s not on our radar and then added “oh, P.S., you can play this today if you want to.” It adds a bit of excitement to the Direct and gets folks playing games as soon as the presentation is over. Even though I didn’t enjoy the Octopath Traveler demo, trying it out immediately after a Nintendo Direct and seeing what other people were saying about it on Twitter was a pretty fun experience. I hope I get to have a similar experience for this theoretical Direct sometime this month.

While I could certainly go into more detail about some of my less reasonable hopes for the Nintendo Direct (Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door HD compilation, please?), this covers the extent of my wishes and the things I hope to see. Nintendo Directs can be very exciting times, and the fact that this one might be coming right at the first of the year bodes well for the announcements it could contain. 2017 was a pretty solid year for gaming and I for one am excited to see what 2018 is gonna bring to the table! I’d love to hear your thoughts as well, adventurers, so if you have a specific hope or wish for the rumored Nintendo Direct, please leave it in the comments below. I’ll be glad to talk to you about the games you want to see announced for 2018!

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  1. Totally agree that an Ace Attorney game (or more than one!) and a Fire Emblem game on Switch would be amazing. In the middle of last year there were vague rumblings about a Tales of game coming to Switch. Even if it was just a port of a recent game I would be mega excited, as I haven’t played the most recent ones. Also, more about Shin Megami Tensai V would be very welcome. For me though, I’m not sure anything will ever beat how excited I was last January when I saw the first glimpses of Xenoblade 2 at the big Switch reveal.

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    1. Ah yeah, Xenoblade was a big one for JRPG fans this year. I’m very excited for the Direct because at this point, 2018 is basically a mystery – there’s no telling what kind of cool stuff we’re going to get!

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  2. Ace Attorney on the Switch? Yes, please!!

    I’m also hopeful that we get more inventive titles like Snipperclips or Mario + Rabbids. They were lovely surprises that competed well in a year of great titles.

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    1. I am absolutely down for that. Weird and wacky titles were a staple of my early years of gaming – I like the idea of wacky games making a comeback. There’s a lot of potential in the indie market for that, and the Switch is a fantastic indie platform. I fully expect to be surprised by some quirky game that looks weird but ends up being really fun again this year.


  3. Odyssey DLC would be fantastic. I would love to have more to do.
    I’d look forward to Ace Attorney. I originally started playing that series because my sister and I found the main trilogy on the Wii Ware way back when. Of course, we didn’t realize it was a trilogy and played the third game first, lol. Still, I’d love to have it on the big screen again and play through it with my cousins.
    And Pokemon? Yes, please. I can’t wait.

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    1. I just started playing Ace Attorney right at the tail end of 2016 and it’s probably one of my favorite series now. Fun and quirky characters, compelling storytelling, and witty banter, all in the package of a crime and law show (which I am a sucker for). I’m hoping the rumors of the compilations are true so I can catch up on the titles I haven’t been able to play yet.


  4. I am so hyped for the new pokemon game for the Switch! If this game will be a good game I surely would get a Nintendo Switch as well! Also the DLC for Super Mario Odyssey sounds quite interesting! Meh I want a switch hahaha!

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    1. I’m really curious to see what the Pokemon Company is going to do with a console Pokemon game. The rumors are all over the place so it feels like they could do pretty much anything – I’m excited to see what they come up with. I can’t decide which idea I would prefer – 8th gen or a full reboot of the series. I think there’s potential for both to be great.

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  5. I have to say that Spirit of Justice was my favorite game in the main series so far. Topping it won’t be easy, but if there’s a new installment coming, I’ll certainly be looking forward to it.

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    1. I haven’t yet played Spirit of Justice – I’m playing Apollo Justice right now. Hearing you say that (er, reading it on my screen) is comforting though because I’ve heard frequently that the newer games aren’t as good. But I’m gonna keep an open mind because if Apollo Justice is anything to go by, they’re not missing any steps.

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      1. I’m not entirely sure why that is; I like the newer games just fine. It’s possible that they aren’t as universally accepted because the series’ creator, Shu Takumi, had little (or nothing) to do with them, but I’ve honestly been slightly more impressed with the installments made without his input over the ones he directly oversaw.

        I reviewed the original about a year ago, and my next review will be Justice for All. In fact, this year, I intend to review all of the installments I’ve played, so I’ll be sure to expand my thoughts on them when the time comes.

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  6. Great article! Nintendo really has kept 2018 quite the mystery, which adds to the anticipation and general excitement going into this year.

    I completely agree about Fire Emblem Switch, it’ll be incredible to see what Intelligent Systems can create when they have the capabilities of the Switch at their disposal. I’d really like it to have two ways of playing, similarly to how the indie title Wonder Boy did it where you have the modern 3D character models and HD graphics, and then the other option being classic sprites and a typical 2D landscape. I think that’d be awesome!

    As for Pokemon Switch, I’m cautiously optimistic. I think there is every chance it could be shown, but it all depends on how far they at into production. Personally, I think Metroid might be shown instead and perhaps a little teaser for Smash Bros.

    Ace Attorney would be epic for Switch, and since Level-5 are hard at work trying to get a Professor Layton game on the system it would mark sense for Capcom to follow. While I’m not the biggest fan of the series, I know a lot of people that would be delighted to buy it on the Switch if it came.

    In terms of Mario Odyssey DLC, it’s certainly possible. After the revenue they earned on Breath of the Wild DLC, I think Nintendo will have the justification to put investments into developing further content for the game. Not to mention the fact that they’ve had a few months to work on that content, so hopefully they have something to show.

    I think this direct will be significant in establishing Nintendo’s paid online service and virtual console, or at least I hope. They’ve been rather dismissive of the situation thus far so it’d make sense for them to delve into the finer details here and guide the consumer into their plans going forward. Anyway, we shall wait for an official announcement of a direct (fingers crossed they’ll announce it tomorrow) and then get excited for what is to come.

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    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!
      I like that idea of choosing between modern or classic character models for Fire Emblem – Dragon Quest XI is doing something like that for their 3DS version and it’s a great homage to the origins of the series.
      I didn’t even think about the online/virtual console, and I would love to see some news about that. The Switch is an awesome machine for virtual console with the portability and the potential for on-the-go multiplayer, so I feel like once they show off how it works I will be investing in a few old favorites!


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