Welcome to Adventure Rules!

This is but one of the legends of which the people speak…

Long ago, the darkness of the world gave birth to legion of sinister villains. These evils came in many forms – mighty dragons, wicked sorceresses, even well-meaning businessmen whose hearts were in the right place but whose methods were ethically questionable. Some worked alone, some formed committees, but all had a single purpose: to further the cause of villainy. Their power unchallenged these villains lived however they wanted, at the cost of the happiness of people everywhere. Princesses were captured, nameless peasants slaughtered, and microtransactions became a common practice through all the land. However, hope was on the horizon.

Just as darkness gave birth to many villains, the light too chose champions to march forth. And like the villains, the heroes came in all shapes and sizes. However, though these heroes had great potential, many of them knew not how to combat the forces of evil. They needed guidance – a tutorial to help them master the ways of combat, solve the most vexing puzzles, and reset that awful camera angle. This guidance came in the form not of a great mentor or a glowing beacon on the horizon, but a book of text called Adventure Rules.

Dark Prognosticus

Though no one knew their origin, all agreed that the Adventure Rules were essential to the success of these mighty heroes. Within the books were everything that a heroic adventurer would need on their journey. Whether seeking the solution to a specific puzzle, general guidance on how to begin their journey, or noble companions to share the trials of the road, heroes discovered that everything they needed was held within those glorious manuals. And it came to pass that no hero worth their salt would leave home without Adventure Rules close at hand, for those who carried them always succeeded in their noble quest.

As the age of heroes came to an end, all of the copies of Adventure Rules were lost to the inescapable passage of time. None remain who have seen the original texts and the great wisdom inside. No heroes live on to tell their stories. However, the legends tell that there will come a day when heroes will rise again, a new generation of champions to stop the forces of evil. And when that day comes, these ancient texts will once again appear. For wherever there is a heroic adventurer on a noble quest, Adventure Rules will be there to guide them, connecting all heroes to one another as they fight to banish darkness and bring the brightest of lights to the world.

Dangerous to Go Alone

Hello adventurers and welcome to Adventure Rules, the Essential Companion of Heroic Adventurers! My name is Ian, and for those who have never been here before, this is your introduction to all of the things that this blog holds in store for you. Inspired by this completely true legend that I definitely did not make up, my goal is for this blog to be your companion during your epic journey through the world of gaming.

I use the generic term “gaming” on this blog to refer to two specific mediums: video games and tabletop roleplaying games. The content I post here will always relate to one of those two things. I post primarily about video games, but generally speaking will have a post once a week that focuses on tabletop RPGs. This magical day is always referred to as Tabletop Tuesday even though it is never on a Tuesday. That’s because categorizing them together allows me to create a nifty shortcut that you’ll see in the sidebar on the right side of the page, so if you’re interested exclusively in RPG content you can click on that link and read to your heart’s content.

Now to break down the idea of “video games” even further, the majority of my gaming posts are focused on Nintendo content. I own a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS and those are my main methods of gaming. I do have a PS4 and will at times discuss games for that console, but more often than not my posts will cover Nintendo games. My content is primarily opinion-based but I will from time to time cover news, do reviews, and even create guides (though I reserve this for games where I feel like I’m actually good enough to provide legitimate advice).

Nintendo Switch Logo

In addition to covering these two topics, Adventure Rules has a community focus and I work to foster an environment where folks can comment on articles and share their thoughts on my posts. In addition to that, I host special events that are designed to bring members of the game blogging community together for large projects. Of course, plenty of other bloggers do the same thing so you’ll often see me as a participant in the special events hosted by other game bloggers.

If you’re still reading at this point, then my guess is that you’re interested in really checking out the blog. If you don’t know where to start, that’s what this section is for! On the top of the page you’ll see a few different options you can select: 2018 Blog Goals, About Me, About This Blog, and Amazing Adventurers. Now if at any time you just want to head to the home page to see the latest blog posts in order, all you have to do is click on the site name in the logo at the top of the page. Easy! If you’re interested in the history of the blog and want to go back to a specific time period, on the sidebar to the right you’ll see a “Journal Entries” column which allows you to jump to all of the articles written in a specific month.

You’ll also see in that sidebar a Categories section that has links to different segments I host here on the blog. You can click on any of those to find all the posts within that category. Now if you’re not sure what a category is based on the name, that’s where the About This Blog page comes in – it has explanations of all of the categories in case you’re curious about what kind of content one might contain. That page also describes the blog’s posting schedule and includes my social media links. Of course, you can find those links as well as a drop down box of categories and journal entries by scrolling to the bottom of the page!

Wesley Stickler Breakdown
So much knowledge!!!!!!

Now the About Me page is pretty straightforward – it describes me beyond my role as the executive producer, creative director, head writer, chief editor, and social media specialist of Adventure Rules, so if for whatever reason you want to know more stuff about me, you can find it there. The much more interesting page is the Amazing Adventurers page, where you can find links to the blogs of all the amazing bloggers that I have collaborated with. I reserve this section for folks who participate in the major community events here on Adventure Rules as a big ole “thank you” for engaging with the blog as more than just a commenter or follower, but as a creator as well.

Finally, the 2018 Blog Goals page is where you can find the mission statements for Adventure Rules. Here I list my goals for the blog so you can see what Adventure Rules is all about. It’s a reminder to myself of why I do this, as well as an accountability measure – if you see that I’m not meeting a goal, you can help me work to achieve that goal in a better way.

Now that’s the big question, isn’t it? Well fear not, fledgling adventurer, I’ll do my best here to give you the highlights of where to go if you’re interested in specific content.
Tabletop Tuesday 2017When it comes to Tabletop RPGs, you can’t go wrong by just clicking on the Tabletop Tuesday category to your right or at the bottom of the page. But hey, you’re looking for specifics, right? If you’re interested in finding a new tabletop to play, I recently did an “If I Could Play” series where I talk about what I would do if given the opportunity to check out the following games: Numenera, Apocalypse World, City of Mist, Ryuutama, and Burning Wheel. Of course, that’s all theoretical, so if you’d prefer a more concrete review of something I’ve actually experienced, both Ten Candles and the City of Mist Starter Set were fun games that you can try out for yourself at a pretty low cost. Finally, I recently shared an article about diversity in tabletop games that has a lot of excellent discussion in the comments that you might be interested in checking out.

If gaming articles are more your speed, my reviews and guides are separated into their own categories and so are pretty self-explanatory. The best way to get an idea of what my typical gaming articles are like is to check out the Charming and Open event I just wrapped up in December. Charming and Open is an event where other bloggers asked me questions which I answered in blog post form. Although these prompts didn’t originate in my own mind, I formatted most of the posts like my typical content so it’s a great way to see the types of structure I ordinarily utilize such as top 5, anecdotes, or nostalgic reflection.
Blogger Blitz

Finally, if you’re most interested in seeing content that I have created in tandem with other bloggers, then you can’t go wrong with the Blogger Blitz community event. This was an informal blogging competition that I hosted in late summer of 2017 where bloggers fought head-to-head to champion their favorite video games characters. While you’re welcome to click on the category itself to see all of the posts, if you’re just interested in the competition itself and want to skip all the updates and whatnot then here’s a nifty guide:
First Round
Lightning Farron versus Indiana Jones in Retail Rumble
Guybrush Threepwood versus Claire Redfield in Mail Delivery
Mega Man versus Pokemon Ranger (forfeit) in Dance Off
Link versus The Joker in Match Maker
Lightning Farron versus Mega Man in Soccer Survival
Claire Redfield versus Link in Villain Escape
Lightning Farron versus Link in the emotional Championship match

If you look around the blog and discover that you like what you see, you can become a follower by clicking one of the follow buttons on the sidebar to your right! Even if you don’t have a WordPress account, you can become an e-mail follower and be notified of each time an article is posted here on Adventure Rules. You can also find my articles on Facebook or Twitter, so if you want easy access to the blog through social media then you can follow at those places as well.

Thank you for taking the time to explore Adventure Rules! I hope you will return and utilize this blog as your stalwart companion during your journey through the world of gaming. I look forward to fighting the forces of darkness by your side. In other words – I’ll see you soon, adventurers!

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  1. Happy New Year! And wow, you’re really organized over here… jealous, haha. Good luck with everything! The Blogger Blitz event was definitely a blogging highlight of my 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing your own accomplishments in the coming year and potentially working on more projects together!

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