“Which Video Game Character Would do a Better Job than Santa?”

Twas a month before Christmas when I jumped on the Net
to write posts for Adventure Rules – year ain’t over yet!
I sat at my keyboard, with clothes all disheveled
to read this month’s question from blog Later Levels.
“Gosh this one’s a doozy,” I said with a sigh,
“I cannot submit just any old guy
as my answer to this most perplexing of asks.”
Worry not, adventurers – I’m up to the task!
For you see this is not my first rodeo;
I’ve answered such questions before, you know,
As a regular here at Q-O-T-M.
Bring on those bloggers – I ain’t scared o’ them!

It is, perhaps, worth it to go over the rules
just in case that this question in the season of Yule
is the first which you find yourself reading about.
How does this work? Well now you’ll find out!
Later Levels submits to us a great question
which might be based upon the suggestion
of another blogger, but that doesn’t matter.
What’s really important is that I don’t jabber
for too long a time like a couple of birds –
the length of my article is one hundred words.
Well with all that nonsense now out of the way
let the word count begin! Here’s what I have to say:


This boy’s name is Oliver and soon you will see

how simply replaceable that Santa can be!
His gifts are mere trinkets, they cannot compare
to the miracles magic can work from thin air.
A present from Oliver can be metaphysical –
Hope, love, compassion are all very typical
things that this boy can give to another
with powerful magic passed down from his mother.
Crossing the planet for him would be easy;
with a teleport spell, he’ll zip right from breezy
tropics to the mightiest of heights,
the ultimate hero to save Christmas night!

There it is, adventurers, my final answer
as to who could do better than that fella named Santa.
Now this post is over but there’s one other thing
for us to discuss before I finally bring
this God-awful rhyming to a merciful end.
You might have heard rumor carried on the wind
of an event that is coming called Charming and Open,
a community effort that I truly am hopin’
you’ll come to in order to ask me a question.
In turn, I’ll offer you my own suggestion
of something that you could be posting about;
December the First is when this will come out!

12 thoughts on ““Which Video Game Character Would do a Better Job than Santa?”

Add yours

  1. Omg Ian I lovedddd reading your response! The theme of posting in the Night Before Christmas tune was really well done! Goodluck in this month’s question! I, unfortunately didn’t get my answer in time but I still had fun posting my thoughts and reading everyone’s response!

    -Luna 🙂

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  2. Haha, mate I gotta tell ya. Well done with the poem, it not only fits with the character but you might also be on to something as to who Santa really is. A very fitting choice with the season we are in and a good read to boot.

    Sadly I couldn’t make it in this month’s participation but I went ahead and made something anyway because it kept nagging me to be written down and posted on the website. Everybody has made some interesting posts about their choices and this is one of the good ones.

    Stay Cozy and enjoy the holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem! I’ll have to head over to your site and check out your submission while I’m catching up on comments this evening. You have a happy holiday as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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