Filling Out My Dadbook Profile

Happy Friday, adventurers! Well, I hope it’s happy, at any right. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I’ve been through the ringer a bit the past week or so. My wife has been sick, I’ve been sick, I’ve been working from home to try and make up for all the missed time at work, in the meantime I’m still traveling and house-hunting – and now on top of it all my car seems to be having some kind of mild mechanical problem I’m going to have to get checked out this weekend. Honestly, the last thing I want to do is write a blog post, but consistency is a goal here on Adventure Rules so instead of being lazy, I thought I’d do something simple and fun to wrap up the week.

If you’ve played the visual novel/dating sim Dream Daddy (or read my review), then you know all about Dadbook. It’s the website where the fascinating selection of conveniently-located single dads can talk about manly stuff and also set up dates so they can touch each other a little bit. One of the early parts of the game has you answer a series of questions in order to create your Dadbook profile. Back when I first played through it I thought it might be kind of fun to answer the questions for the blog, so today seems like as good a time as any to get a little personal!
1.) On a Friday night you are most likely to…
Stay up late playing video games! Most weeknights I only have an hour or two to play games, what with a day full of adult responsibilities and having to get up early the next day for work. But since I don’t work on Saturday, on Friday I can afford to stay up a bit late and spend some time relaxing. I use that sweet, sweet free time to get some gaming in, which is great for making progress in games that you can’t just play in 20 minute intervals.

2.) If you had one thing to take with you onto a desert island, what would it be?
This question feels familiar…hmm. Well, I’m not gonna be a jerk and say “a way off of the deserted island” even though I really want to. And saying “a cell phone” kind of ruins the purpose of being on a deserted island, because I still have social connections. So I guess the best thing I can answer that’s still in the spirit of the question would be to say the Nintendo Switch. That sucker has an excellent selection of games and the portability will be really nice when I’m fleeing from tigers or whatever kind of predator lives on a deserted island.

3.) What are your turn-ons?
Feet, obviously.
Mario Wink

4.) What did you want to be when you grew up?
The first real career I remember desiring when I was young is that of a novelist. I’m not sure how universal this is across American schools, let alone schools in other countries, but where I went to school we had a writing portfolio that followed us from elementary to high school. There are specific grade levels when you contribute pieces to the portfolio, and your senior year you pick the best pieces and revise them to create your final portfolio. Each year you work on it, you get graded on your portfolio using a four-point scale from novice to distinguished.

The reason I explain this is because getting a distinguished portfolio my fourth grade year (the first year you work on them) was the highlight of my early school years. I mean, I was good in school anyway, don’t get me wrong, but distinguished on such a huge project was really special, and not a lot of students hit that maximum rank. My teacher praised my work a lot and always encouraged me to keep writing. That was the beginning of my desire to write novels. While my career has certainly not taken me in that direction, my early love of writing did give me an important skillset that I have used throughout my life – including right now!

5.) What’s your favorite genre?

Spongebob D&D
Swords and sorcery. ‘Nuff said.

6.) What’s your ideal date?
I’m a pretty simple guy, honestly. I love a nice creative date every now and again, but I’m a big fan of just hanging out at home. Cooking a nice dinner together, cuddling up on the couch watching movies – some of my favorite dates with my wife were nights where we just played video games in the dorm room back in college. One night in particular, we built a fort out of blankets and had a little picnic underneath it. A cozy night in appeals a lot more to my introverted self than a crazy night out on the town somewhere.

7.) What do you never leave home without?
Four things: watch, wallet, keys, and cell phone. I always make absolutely sure I have these things before I leave.

8.) I spend a lot of time thinking about…
Lately? Well I already went on a huge rant about this at the beginning of this post, but other than all that real life nonsense, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about City of Mist. This tabletop RPG is the next game I am planning to play with my group and I am super excited about it, so I keep thinking about ideas and running through the rules in my head. I think about how I’d create different characters using the mechanics and what kinds of situations to craft to challenge the identities and mysteries of the players.
City of MistThat’s gonna be it for me, folks. I hope you found something to enjoy in this post and that you have an excellent weekend – hopefully after a few days of not-crazy things happening I’ll be a little more focused and can bring you a gaming post worth reading. Thanks for stopping by, adventurers!

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