“If You Needed a Mercenary, Which Video Game Character Would You Hire?”

There comes a time in every person’s life when a soldier of fortune is a valuable asset to have. Maybe you’re in the military and need some extra muscle. Maybe your boss won’t give you that raise. But how do you choose a mercenary when video games give you so many options? Today, I’ll be confirming my choice for the official Adventure Rules Mercenary on Retainer.

This post is part of a community event called Question of the Month that is hosted by the blog Later Levels. Kim is super cool so you should definitely read her content, but there are lots of great bloggers in this event and the numbers keep growing. Go check out their other articles too! As for the rules of this event, there can be only one: the post must reach no more than 100 words. Not counting all of these introductory words, of course. So with that out of the way, it’s time for me to shut my gum flaps and share my mercenary of choice!
Cloud StrifeCloud has all of the qualities of a good mercenary – he doesn’t like to talk, he’s emotionally unavailable, and his sword weighs more than his sick motorcycle. This guy is 3edgy5me and that means that all he cares about is getting the job done. Your cause doesn’t matter to him, your money does, and while the “true believers” in your crew are getting smacked around by robot dogs, he’ll be slashing an entire tank to pieces. Not sold yet? That’s okay, I don’t need 100 words when I have these four: Knights of the Round. Done.

No, it’s okay, you don’t have to throw your money at me – all you have to do is vote over on the official post that Later Levels will put up Monday, October 16th, at 6 AM GMT (that’s 1 AM to my fellow EST folk). Be sure to say a big ole friendly hello to Kim and then go check out the other bloggers participating in the event. Thanks for reading, adventurers!

10 thoughts on ““If You Needed a Mercenary, Which Video Game Character Would You Hire?”

Add yours

  1. Interesting choice with Cloud, I could see how intimidating it would be if the one who’s after you suddenly sees this, when trying to go in for the attack of upportunity.
    So many good opponents this time around for Question of the Month. I can easily see you give me a battle that’s hard to win 😁

    Stay Cozy!

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    1. Thanks! My first thought was actually Ike from Fire Emblem, but I have learned from doing a few of these that sometimes my first thought isn’t the most relatable one, haha.


  2. “…sword weighs more than his sick motorcycle” Good one! 😀

    I like your choice! Cloud isn’t my favourite FF protagonist (obviously, haha) but I think you make great points about him being a good merc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I probably wouldn’t say that he is my favorite protagonist in the series either, but he’s the most recognizable and I’m tryna win this QOTM thing, haha.

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