Blogger Blitz Semifinals: Raccoon City

This week’s Villain Escape event is a heated battle – on Tuesday I introduced our first competitor, so now today let’s meet the sponsor of Link: Teri Mae of Sheikah Plate! Tomorrow at 9 AM EST the results of this mighty duel will go up, so today is your chance to read Link’s argument to figure out what tools he’s bringing to the fray. See you tomorrow, adventurers!

Sheikah Plate

If any of you follow along with the non-recipe posts you’ll know that I won Round One of the incredible Blogger Blitz Challenge, hosted by Ian at Adventure Rules.  I honestly didn’t expect to win, especially since Luna of Gamer’s United put up such a good fight.  But by some serious luck I got to move on to the semifinals!  If you want to know more about the basics behind the Blogger Blitz a link to the rules can be found here.  However, for this second challenge a new scenario and a new rule were introduced.  The new rule: I get 800 words (instead of 500) to describe why Link would be able to survive a dastardly plan by LeChuck of The Secret of Monkey Island and take down Albert Wesker in Resident Evil territory.  Since I’ve never played Resident Evil I relied heavily on recaps and synopsis…

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Blogger Blitz Reblog: Claire Redfield

The Blogger Blitz event is in its twilight hours, and today's submission was written by Luke of Hundstrasse to prove that Claire Redfield is the best competitor in the villain escape event! Luke's narrative style is engaging and his character willing to do anything to succeed, but will it be enough to overcome Link and... Continue Reading →

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