Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Character Guide – Rabbid Peach

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a unique and fun tactical RPG for a lot of reasons – it has surprisingly deep mechanics despite the simplicity of the system. Beyond that, the character-based gameplay means that each party member brings something unique to the table that makes them more effective in certain scenarios. Choosing the right character for the right mission will take you from “Good” to “Perfect” rankings in your battles and help you to get the ultimate Mario + Rabbids experience. This post will be part of a series where I take a hard look at each character in the game to see what they bring to the table and give you some guidance on the best way to utilize the character.

A few hints about using this guide. Each character’s section will be structured first as a simple point-by-point breakdown of their basic stats, then their weapons, and finally the skills they bring to the table. This is great if you just want to read a quick summary of what the character is good for. Following that will be a more detailed section with my recommended uses for each character. There are mild spoilers in this guide in the form of playable characters and game mechanics, but no story spoilers. These guides will come out one at a time, but I’ll do my best to release them as close together as possible. If the character you are looking for guidance on isn’t up yet, check back the next day!

So with that said, get your selfie stick ready, because this time we’re talking about Rabbid Peach!

Mario + Rabbids - Rabbid Peach
She’s such a mess. By the way, keep in mind that the stats displayed here are based on the skill investment at the time the screenshot was taken as well as my progress in the game. These stats can and will be different in your experience.

Health: Medium-Low – Relies on her support abilities for survival
Damage: Medium – Offense is not her primary purpose in combat
Range: Medium – Benefits little from being too close, but no long range options
Ground Mobility: Medium – Not the slowest, not the fastest
Air Mobility: Medium – Great team jump range

Blaster – Good balance of range, damage, and special effect chance, precise
Sentry – Excellent damage and interesting tactical options, can be destroyed
Honey – Prevents enemy movement, restricts mobility
Push – Sends opponent straight backward, ricochet off of cover/walls

Stylish Dash – Situationally useful, low damage output
Shield – Excellent for absorbing enemy weapon fire, supports Tank role
Heal – Great support ability, restores significant HP to the full party

Mario + Rabbids Rabbid Peach Skills
I always give priority to Techniques when it comes to Rabbid Peach.

This weird, selfie-taking mess of a Rabbid has a huge crush on Mario and is one of the three starting characters in your party. The rules of party construction in the game force you to have at least one Rabbid in the party at all times, and this one is often a solid choice to bring along. Rabbid Peach knows her strengths and capitalizes on them, so let’s take a look at the abilities she brings to the table and see where this diva shines.

Mobility-wise, Rabbid Peach has medium-high mobility with a great balance of movement range, pipe exit range, and team jump range. With her movement maxed out, she can move 16 cells with only the help of one ally – pipes and the Itchy Feet ability can of course extend this even further. Her “special movement” is just the ability to dash multiple opponents in one round, maxing out at four enemies she can dash through to deal 100 damage each time. This can be helpful when Rabbid Peach is near a large grouping of enemies, but generally you won’t need all four of those dashes and this is an ability I tend not to prioritize.

This character has access to one of my favorite weapons, the Sentry. This is an explosive robot that can be sent out to chase after enemies, and it has a lot of good points. The large explosive range means you can strike lots of bad guys at once, and area damage means that this weapon can be used to circumvent enemy cover. If you choose a target outside of the sentry’s movement range, it will stop midway and then use its future turns to continue moving towards the target. This means you can set traps with the sentry, particularly for enemies like the Smasher that can be baited into moving out-of-turn. This is Rabbid Peach’s best method of dealing damage, but ultimately that’s just a bonus – damage is not going to be your focus with this character.

Mario + Rabbids Sentry
I love these things! Shiny new toy…

Rabbid Peach is in her element as a support unit and damage sponge. While Peach doesn’t have incredible health, her Shield ability drastically reduces the damage from incoming attacks, up to a maximum of 50% movement damage reduction and 80% weapon damage reduction. By placing Rabbid Peach out in the open, away from cover, you can draw enemy fire towards her and use the Shield to prevent the brunt of the damage. This strategy helps you to keep other characters safe and allows this pseudo-princess to lure foes into more vulnerable positions. It can also be highly beneficial to save the Shield until a few enemies prepare their Villain Sight ability, then have Rabbid Peach run through the middle of them to draw all the attacks and sponge them up.

When her health does get low, Rabbid Peach has a great solution in the form of the Heal ability, which allows her to restore a large percentage of HP to her allies on the battlefield (those within range, anyway). This ability is key in battles of attrition, allowing Rabbid Peach to keep her team healthy while the enemy is being whittled down. It also makes her a valuable asset during boss battles, where your party will likely be taking serious amounts of damage.

With so many abilities working to increase her survivability, it seems like Rabbid Peach probably doesn’t have any weak points, right? That’s not quite true. Her Shield doesn’t fully absorb damage from any attack type, so she’ll still be getting hurt even in her role as a damage sponge for the party. While she doesn’t have the lowest health in the party, it also isn’t the highest so if she’s on the front lines too much she’ll need healing. However, the cooldown on her healing is two turns (if you’ve spent Power Orbs – otherwise it’s three), which means that she’s not going to be able to heal consistently on a turn-to-turn basis. Rabbid Peach can help you survive, but her abilities aren’t a cure for poor tactics – get yourself into enough trouble and she still won’t be able to help you.

Mario + Rabbids Shield
She protecc, she…uh, I don’t know memes.

The other weakness of Rabbid Peach is inefficiency. Mario + Rabbids is a game where you’re on a clock – you don’t fail main story levels for not meeting a turn limit but you do lose out on money, which makes it more difficult to buy weapons and ultimately increases the difficulty curve of the game. And there are some challenge levels which legitimately do have a turn limit, and Rabbid Peach has very little to offer in those situations. Rabbid Peach is great at making battles last longer, but she lacks the offensive prowess to bring an end to enemies and, by extension, the whole battle. A battle where you are focused on being offensive rather than defensive doesn’t really benefit from having Rabbid Peach on the field – you might be better off with a character who can deal more damage and whose support abilities don’t need to recharge quite so much.

As you might guess, this means that Rabbid Peach is great for battles with the “Defeat All” or “Defeat Boss” condition, but not so much the “Defeat X Enemies” condition. Her decent balance of ground and aerial mobility means that she can be somewhat worthwhile in “Reach Area” missions, particularly those that involve a lot of jumping around – there’s really only one character in the game who surpasses the team jump range that Rabbid Peach brings to the table. Finally, this is a great character to have on “Escort” missions, as she can heal the character you are escorting if they end up getting hurt, and she can stand in the open to draw enemy fire while using her Shield to ward against the blows.

When it comes to allies to fight alongside, Rabbid Peach works very well with Mario. The plumber is all-offense, all the time, so he benefits a lot from having someone around who can heal his wounds and soak damage for him. Rabbid Peach keeps Mario alive long enough to play risky and deal the most damage that he can in a short amount of time, so they each offset the other’s weaknesses and make an excellent team. This applies as well to Rabbid Mario, who shares his human counterpart’s propensity for offense but depends even more on being in close quarters.

Mario + Rabbids - Rabbid Mario
I know he’s not as dreamy, Rabbid Peach, but at least with him you don’t have to worry about a species gap.

Conversely, Rabbid Peach also works excellently with Rabbid Luigi, whose balance of offense and support is a nice middle ground between Rabbid Peach and Mario and really rounds out the team. Rabbid Luigi and Rabbid Peach can both put up shields and then move into enemy territory, soaking up reactionary shots and drawing attention to themselves to soften the enemy up for when Mario comes in stomping and swinging. Additionally, Rabbid Luigi’s vamp dash serves as a makeshift healing ability during the turns when Rabbid Peach has to recharge, taking some of the burden of keeping the party healthy off of her.

Rabbid Peach is a really great character who does what she is supposed to do with skill. Her services as a damage sponge and healer are something that can be appreciated throughout the full length of the game, and if you aren’t driven to get the best ratings on each map she is a perfect character to keep in every battle from start to finish. While when you don’t need a healer or tank it might be good to switch her out for someone who can help you finish the map in time to score a “Perfect” ranking, Rabbid Peach is key to surviving the game’s more difficult battles and is a valuable character that I would never recommend you bench completely.

That’s it for this character guide, adventurers! More of these will be coming until I have covered every character in the game, so stick around this week to get your fill of Mario + Rabbids character guides – I will definitely cover the character you’re looking for soon if I haven’t already. If you have any Rabbid Peach tips or opinions to share, feel free to do so in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I hope this guide improves your experience with the game!

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