Blogger Blitz Announcement: The Championship is Coming!

Hello, adventurers, and welcome to the beginning of the end! It’s been a ton of fun hosting the Blogger Blitz, and now the time has come to start talking about the biggest event of them all: the championship.

If you are somehow reading this and you don’t know what the Blogger Blitz is, well, lucky for you there are a crud ton of articles about it. The Blogger Blitz is an event where eight competitors compete in random events for five judges in order to determine whose favorite video game character is the best one. Athena, Geddy, James, Chris, and Destiny have been hard at work judging each stage of the competition, and now we have finally reached the conclusion!

Today I’ll be discussing the championship event, but for those who may not have followed from the beginning, there won’t be any spoilers here. If you want to find out who is competing in the championship, you’ve got two ways to do it. You can head to the Blogger Blitz category on the sidebar to your right and click on that to read the whole competition from the very beginning. Or, you can follow Adventure Rules on Twitter this week, as I’ll be sharing the results posts for all six matches so you can catch up before the big finale next week!

Damon Gant

That’s right, folks! On Monday, September 25th, the two championship contenders will be posting the argument for their characters on their respective blogs. On Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll reblog their posts to my own blog for those who missed it and to get them categorized so they’ll show up whenever someone wants to look back on the Blogger Blitz later. Then finally, on Friday, September 29th, I will post the results of the championship match and announce the winner of the Blogger Blitz competition! Talk about excitement!

Anxious to find out, are you? Well you won’t have to wait long, adventurers, as I am about to share the details of the event right now!

“You have been invited by the steward of the Mushroom Kingdom to assist them with a royal problem. The infant princess, Baby Peach, has begun to develop strange abilities based on her emotions. She literally cries rivers, when she’s angry she bursts into flame, her happiness causes her to float in the air and produce bursts of wind – the only emotional state in which the castle and its staff are safe from her is when she is calm. A doctor is preparing a cure but a courier has to make an overnight trip to pick it up. So the steward needs someone to protect Peach’s Castle from her emotion powers until the cure is delivered.
‘Why not just take her out of the castle?’ you might ask. As fate would have it, there’s an issue with the castle’s power source, the Power Stars. They’ve malfunctioned and now the only thing keeping them running is Peach’s presence in the castle. If she leaves, the Stars will fail and be scattered across the kingdom.
‘We tried having the castle wizard place a spell on her to make her sleep through the night,’ the steward explains, ‘but she is immune to any magic that influences her emotional state.’ There’s another problem too – taking advantage of the castle’s current vulnerability, the evil wizard Kamek has summoned six warriors from other worlds to attack the Mushroom Kingdom. You might recognize them as the defeated competitors from the Blogger Blitz challenge. These warriors, under Kamek’s control, will stop at nothing to kidnap Peach and leave the castle in ruins.”
Baby PeachThis event has three distinct parts: the competitors must protect Peach from the previous six Blogger Blitz competitors, protect the castle from those same attackers, and finally protect the castle from Peach and her dangerous emotion powers (based, by the way, on the video game Super Princess Peach). The competitors have been told that they are not able to circumvent any parts of the challenge – no taking Peach out of the castle and no controlling Peach’s emotions through magic. These have been justified fictionally in the above description of the event. Finally, because this event has three distinct parts the competitors will have up to 1200 words in order to make their argument. Also, this makes it so that the total word counts of each phase of the competition go 4000, 3200, 2400. Why does that matter? Because…symmetry, or something.

So there you have it, adventurers. The championship event is all about keeping this baby calm in the midst of an attack on the castle. It requires brains, brawn, versatility, and heart, so each competitor will have to work closely with their sponsored hero to make sure they deliver the most effective argument possible! I hope you’ll look forward to the championship match on Monday, and in the meantime remember to check out Adventure Rules on Twitter so you can recap the previous rounds of the competition!

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  1. wow this will be intense. Can’t wait. I feel like we’ve reached the big climactic battle at the end of that big budget hollywood film.


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