Blogger Blitz – Semifinals: Soccer Survival!

Hello, adventurers, and welcome to the first punch of the semifinals! This week, Lightning Farron takes on Mega Man in the Soccer Survival event, and this is LightningEllen’s argument in favor of her sponsored shero. Can Lightning overcome the world of year 20XX? And then win a soccer game?! Find out this Friday, September 8th, right here on Adventure Rules, and don’t forget to come back Thursday to see the argument in favor of Mega Man!

LightningEllen's Release

Okay so I’m still in shock (pun intended), but somehow despite poisoning Lightning, I won the first round of the Adventure Rules Blogger Blitz event. Winning is a new concept for me, and it feels REALLY awkward honestly, but I’m very grateful for this opportunity to compete in the semifinals. It wasn’t an easy victory to get here either. NekoJonezwrote up one heck of a sales pitch for Indiana Jones. If I ever get brave enough to try a cosplay someday, you better believe I’m going to try being IndianaLightning! I also got to meet a really awesome blogger, and I’m super excited for his upcoming Zelda project. Definitely give him a follow if you aren’t already.

indiana_jones_bridge I dedicate this post to Indiana Jones, the greatest professor ever!

Oh and I also get to partially blame NekoJonez for the craziness I’m about to put Lightning through…

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