Adventure Rules Monthly Update: Two Years Strong

Happy belated bloggiversary to me! Yes, adventurers, yesterday Adventure Rules turned two years old. It is now old enough to begin forming sentences and will probably soon go through potty training, both of which should be really positive things for the quality of the posts here. So hurray for that!

Originally I wanted to do some kind of big celebration for this milestone. Heck, I even promoted it on Twitter and maybe in last month’s update. But a few different factors worked together to stop that from happening. For one, I’ve already done a few things relatively recently that kind of overlap with the various ideas I had for the two year bloggiversary (yes, I will call it that forever). I’ve done the whole #MyFirstPostRevisited thing as well as The Well-Red Mage‘s Answering Big Questions event, which prompted me to talk about advice I would give to newer bloggers. The other thing that I felt was a perfect fit for two years would be to bring back Charming and Open, but doing that in the middle of Blogger Blitz felt like a little bit much. I have two pretty solid events that people seem to like, so I don’t want to stack ’em on top of each other like that. Add in the fact that this has been one of the craziest work weeks I’ve had in awhile, and the timing just didn’t seem right for a big event. Maybe next year I can plan ahead a bit better and come up with something really cool to do for three years of Adventure Rules!
cropped-adventure-rules-logo-cover-2017.pngAugust has been an interesting month, for sure. I’ve started full-swing at my new job (sort of), but more relevant to the blog than that, the Blogger Blitz event is in full swing. If you are reading this update and are somehow unaware of what the heck the Blogger Blitz is, it’s a community event I am hosting involving no less than 13 other bloggers that’s all about video game characters doing wacky events. The semifinals of the competition start Monday, so if you’re interested in seeing the action you’ve got this whole weekend to catch up. And if catching up is what you want to do, the best place to do it is on Overthinker Y, where one of our judges has put together an awesome summary of everything that happened in round one. Go check it out!

I didn’t do all that much gaming in August. My big project was, weirdly enough, Dream Daddy, which I somehow managed to finish before my wife for whom we originally purchased the game. She then got me back by getting Platinum on inFamous: Second Son while I am only 60% through my good karma run of the game. I probably would have gotten the opportunity to finish inFamous if it had come in when it was supposed to, but the third party seller I ordered from on Amazon screwed up my order. Luckily they refunded me and I had my games within the week, but it was a frustrating experience that cost me some time playing two games I am really excited about.

Speaking of games I am excited about, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is going to be joining Second Son and Dishonored 2 as one of the games I will most definitely be writing about in September. I have all three ready to go, it’s just a matter of actually getting time to play any of them. Again, this week isn’t really cooperating well with that plan. I don’t know if I’ll review any of these games – Dream Daddy reminded me just how much I hate writing reviews, and the fact that they don’t do all that well in the metrics makes the prospect a bit of a turnoff. I will definitely not do guides for inFamous or Dishonored, but Mario + Rabbids  might be the kind of game that works well with my guide style, assuming I can beat it at a halfway decent pace. No matter what, I will at least write articles about my general impressions of the games or weird pseudo-philosophical thoughts they inspire me to have, so you can look forward to that.
QotM WinI’ll still be participating in Question of the Month with Later Levels, and I am hoping to seize the momentum of my early victory and score another win this month, although there are a ton of new competitors this time around and everyone has brought some great answers to the table. Whoever comes out on top this month is going to really have to work for it!

Tabletop Tuesday will likely continue in some form this month, though I am getting to the point where I am considering considering retiring the segment (yes, I said considering twice on purpose). I don’t write this blog for views and likes, but when I have an entire segment that causes a noticeable drop in metrics whenever it comes up…I don’t know. Realistically as long as I enjoy writing the posts, I’ll keep posting them no matter how much folks don’t like them. Maybe I need to work on marketing myself to the tabletop gaming audience a bit more, but I have no clue how to start that. Heck, I don’t even really know how I’m hitting it off with the video gaming audience!

And that’s about it, really. I have some collaborations coming up where I will be making an appearance on the blogs of some other folks, but I don’t know exact timelines for any of them. Just keep your eyes open and you might just see my goofy cartoon face on someone else’s blog for a change! But my main focus in September is getting the semifinals and championship of the Blogger Blitz knocked out while also enjoying three very excellent-looking games over the course of the month. I hope you all are excited for what’s coming, and I look forward to interacting with you more in the coming month. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, adventurers!

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  1. Happy two years and one day!! 🙂 Thank for bringing us Blogger Blitz. It’s been one heck of a crazy-fun ride, haha. Good luck with all of your goals too.


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