Blogger Blitz Finale: Saving the Castle

The championship match is well underway, with the Blogger Blitz judges working hard to decide between the two arguments. If you missed out on Sheikah Plate and her champion Link, I fully recommend you read it here because they brought their widest arsenal of tools yet to this battle! But Lightning has overcome versatile, seemingly-overwhelming enemies before – will Link be different? Check out this post and be sure to visit Adventure Rules on Friday, September 29th, at 9 AM EST, to find out the results of the match!

Sheikah Plate

This is it: the last challenge.  And boy, is it a rough one.  I’m not sure how it’ll turn out but I had to use every bit of Zelda lore I knew to try and accomplish the task set by Ian at Adventure Rules.  The challenge is as follows:

“You have been invited by the steward of the Mushroom Kingdom to assist them with a royal problem. The infant princess, Baby Peach, has begun to develop strange abilities based on her emotions. She literally cries rivers, when she’s angry she bursts into flame, her happiness causes her to float in the air and produce bursts of wind – the only emotional state in which the castle and its staff are safe from her is when she is calm. A doctor is preparing a cure but a courier has to make an overnight trip to pick it up. So the…

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Blogger Blitz Grand Finale

The championship has begun, adventurers! LightningEllen and her shero have fought hard to reach this point, and now it's Lightning against the world. With only her grit and her Gunblade to get her through, will this stern and jaded woman be able to soften herself enough to care for a child? Find out in this... Continue Reading →

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