Judge Appreciation Week: James

Hello yet again, adventurers, and welcome to day four of Judge Appreciation Week! Today the subject of our appreciation is a fellow by the name of James who blogs over at Quickly Tap X, otherwise known as QTX for short. If you want to be ahead of the game, you can go ahead and go check out his content right now. But I mean, if you want to wait for me to convince you, I guess that IS how these articles work, right?

I met James much like I met Athena – through a community blogging event. However, the event in question this time around was not my own, but one hosted by Blogger Blitz competitor Later Levels. Every quarter or so (at least the last two) Kim hosts an event called a Blog Party where folks come and share one of their recent posts. Once you share, you check out the posts by other people and give them a follow if you’re interested. James shared a piece from his series on being an RPG n00b, and as a longtime RPG fan I really enjoyed seeing his impressions. Particularly the bit about just how much reading there is in The Witcher 3 – I haven’t played that game but I strongly identify with feeling like I should have just read a novel instead of playing an RPG.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn
Take a drink every time it takes you at least ten minutes to skip through cut scene dialogue.

It didn’t take long for me to follow James because I quickly realized that this guy is thoroughly hilarious. I mean, I tag my gaming blog posts in the humor category because I do tend to joke around a bit, but I can’t hold a candle to what James brings to the table. Take for example this article on the WUFT (if you want to know what the heck that means, you gotta read it!); in the midst of the discussion we also learn about future hipsters and their role in eventual search engine hits on Google, the possibility of James setting a massive electrical fire when playing the Wii U, and the dangers of amiibo addiction. These moments definitely illicit a chuckle or smile and make you want to keep reading.

I think a big part of what makes James stand out so much is his unique voice. I mean, I haven’t heard his speaking voice, but his writing style utilizes language in a very distinct way that I’ve not seen with other bloggers. It gives QTX articles a crud-ton of personality, because once you’ve read a little bit you can just hear what James is saying. His goofy mannerisms and fun phrasing take an article like this one about the Nintendo Switch and really breathe life into it.

Nintendo Switch
Shiny new toy, indeed!

James isn’t just good for a laugh, though. His sharp wit and goofy sense of humor are just added spice to articles that are already full of substance. If you’ve read my quotes of him for the Blogger Blits then you’ve probably already seen it – his comments are thorough, his critiques honest. I read this article he wrote talking about his experiences with Dying Light and it really gave me a solid understanding of the game and his impressions of it. Oh wait, after a bit of reading I actually meant THIS article about Dying Light – but hey, that first one is awesome too, so if you already checked it out, it was totally worth it. Besides, just think of it as extra training for the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

Finally, as if his great sense of humor, unique voice, and substance-filled articles weren’t enough, James is a fellow fan of the Zelda series! And we all know how important that is to me-er, I mean, important to having a quality blog. Whether he’s talking about experiencing a Zelda game for the first time or revisiting an old favorite, James demonstrates the magic of experiencing a Zelda game and why the series is so incredibly fun to play.

Wind Waker
This game is absolutely worth replaying!

So there you have it, folks! James is a hilarious fellow whose articles are as full of insight as they are fun. Whether you love zombies, Zelda, or any other word that starts with Z, QTX is a great place to read great articles on the subject of gaming. So go check out James and his blog and be sure to come back tomorrow to appreciate our fifth and final judge!

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  1. You’re really too kind, but thank you so much for the nice words (this whole freakin’ post is going in the Christmas letter this year, fo’ shizzle). I’ve really, really enjoyed taking part in the Blogger Blitz, and I’m genuinely in awe of the amount of work you’ve put into it. It’s been a privilege to be part of something that’s brought a big ol’ chunk of the Gaming Community together, and I think you should be really proud of the whole thing. And I’m not just saying that because you’re the first person to say something nice about my writing since primary school either.

    Once again, many thanks – it really means a lot. Here’s to the semifinals and beyond….

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    1. You’re welcome! And thank you for your words about the event. I really am proud of how well this event has gone so far, and I am super excited for what the next few matches will bring. It’s been a pleasure having you along for the ride and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your judgment in the past weeks!

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  2. Before reading your entire post, I followed the link to his page and read the switch article you cited. He is exactly how you describe him. I really couldn’t help but smile and chuckle through the post. Very fun read and glad you have opened the doors for me to read yet another great blog.

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