“Who’s the Most Memorable Video Game NPC?”

Ah, NPCs. The characters in a video game we don’t control. We all love them – unless we’re guiding them on an escort mission, amiright? NPCs run the gamut from random and insignificant to being an integral part of the story, and because there’s so blasted many of them it can be easy to lose track of the little guys. Luckily, Later Levels is here to help us identify which NPC is the one that sticks out the most in people’s minds.

If you’re not familiar with Question of the Month, it’s pretty simple. Kim over at Later Levels poses a question, which a bunch of bloggers who signed up to participate in the event then answer. Then you, the lovely readers, vote on who you think got the question right. Our only limitation is that our answer must not exceed one hundred words. So let’s jump right in and see who I think is the most memorable NPC!
NaviHey, listen, memorable just means something that can be easily remembered, right? Navi may not be a happy memory for a lot of folks, but her persistent chatter sticks out in the mind of anyone who played Ocarina of Time. Navi shouting “hey listen!” is the text tone on my phone, and I am often stopped by folks who would not identify as gamers that still recognize her voice from their brief affair with the Nintendo 64. And their reaction is always the same: “why would you choose THAT?!” Few characters are so memorable that they incite such a strong reaction!

There you have it, adventurers, my argument in favor of Navi as the most memorable NPC. If you agree with me, be sure to head to Later Levels this Friday at 6 AM GMT (1 AM EST for those in my time zone) so you can vote in the poll! Thanks for reading, adventurers!

5 thoughts on ““Who’s the Most Memorable Video Game NPC?”

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  1. Ahh I always loved Navi! Never understood why she got so much hate. Alright – she can chat a fair bit, but I think the owl was far worse, what with the trolling when asking “Do you want to hear what I have to say again?” with the cursor set to YES by default!

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    1. Oh yeah, he was way worse. Personally, I liked Navi as a companion as well (hence my text tone!) and found some of the more recent companions far more irritating. Plus her role in Link’s story is pretty significant. He’s the boy without a fairy until she comes along, she’s the in-game justification for Link’s Z-Target ability, and her leaving at the end of Ocarina of Time is the whole basis of why he leaves Hyrule in Majora’s Mask. Then the theme of that game is that your friendship lives on even when you’re apart from your friends! She’s definitely more important than just this annoying sprite that hangs around yelling at you.


  2. It was you! Navi was my first answer but I saw she was taken… You have my vote though! That’s right, I’m not voting for mine, haha.

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    1. Oh man, I snaked it from Athena too! I have frequently not voted for my answer in these things – I think it’s part of the initiation, haha.

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