The Well-Red Mage and Mega Man dance off team up! #BloggerBlitz

This week’s Blogger Blitz event is a time-honored tradition: the dance off! On Monday The Well-Red Mage submitted his argument for why Mega Man would be the dancing queen (king? robot?) and put the Pokemon Ranger in his place. If you missed it, you can check it out right here, and be sure to return to Adventure Rules on Friday at 9 AM EST to see the judge’s thoughts on his argument!


Greetings, NPCs! The Well-Red Mage, speaking to you at the behest of beings across the interdimensional rifts, here to rise to the occasion of the #BloggerBlitz! This event was postulated and will be decided here at Adventure Rules.

I’ve been tasked with describing why my character pick, Mega Man, would win in my and my opponent’s assigned situational: a dance off. I and the Blue Bomber (Red and Blue, primary colors) are pitted against that vile, crooked, slanderous, two-bit Pokémon Ranger. And I’ve got to do this on my birthday today, no less.

(Note that @Lodestar_Valor had to drop out of the running for personal reasons, so I’m dedicating this challenge-in-jest to them in their absence!)


And I’ve got to do this on my birthday today, no less. Well, it’s all quite simple really. I’ll lay it out for you. Here’s why Mega Man’s music video…

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