Blogger Blitz Announcement: This Week’s Match

Greetings, adventurers! I wanted to take some time today to talk about what’s happening with the Blogger Blitz this week, as things are gonna be a little different than usual.

A couple of weeks back on Twitter, you may or may not have seen this thread of tweets:
Lodestar TweetLodestar_Valor was one of the competitors scheduled to compete today, sponsoring the Pokemon Ranger from the video game of the same name. With Lodestar_Valor unable to participate in the competition, I went to the judges and asked them how they wanted to handle the situation. We considered our options and it was determined that the fairest way to handle this situation would be to give the round to The Well-Red Mage.

However! Just because this week’s winner is already decided doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to be seen. The Well-Red Mage is still symbolically showing up for the competition today by posting the article he prepared, so you should go check out that post. And remember to say Happy Birthday while you’re there!

On Friday you’ll want to come visit Adventure Rules for a results post just like usual. Everyone proceeding to the Semifinal Round has had one opportunity to hear from the judges and learn from their first post in the competition. In order to afford The Well-Red Mage this same opportunity, the judges will still be casting judgment upon his post and I’ll still be doing ridiculous doodles to go with it. So you won’t want to miss this Friday!

Finally, I think it’d be awesome if we go show Lodestar_Valor some love. Lodestar just jumped into the blogging world last month and having to drop out of a community event had to be a tough decision. But when significant matters come about, it’s important to have your priorities straight. So if you haven’t visited Lodestar_Valor’s Gaming Blog and checked out the very first post, you should definitely do so!

A big thanks to everyone who has supported the Blogger Blitz – the event has been a lot of fun to host and I’m excited to keep going. Remember to keep an eye on The Well-Red Mage for his post today (heck, for all I know it might be up already) and to come back on Friday to see what the judges have to say about it!

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