Adventure Rules Monthly Update: Let’s Get Busy

Summer is drawing to an end, adventurers! I mean, not seasonally speaking – I don’t think fall officially starts until September. But when it comes to summer vacation, the time is coming for school to start up once again. For me, a very different sort of transition is happening: I’ve got a shiny new job! My title officially changed today and the next month is gonna be all about trying to move to a new city. My wife and I have some serious house-hunting to do, and along with that comes getting our current place organized for the move.

It’s interesting, really. July felt busy in an intimidating, discouraging sort of way. August feels busy in a thoroughly exciting way. I think part of that is while July I was busy and had NO clue what to do with the blog in the meantime, this month I have plenty of plans for the blog because there are a lot of really cool things happening on Adventure Rules in the coming month.
Blogger BlitzThe biggest thing, of course, is the Blogger Blitz competition. This is a single-elimination tournament that I am hosting here on Adventure Rules where eight bloggers sponsor a video game character to compete in totally random events. The first match of the tournament began yesterday between LightningEllen and NekoJonez, who are competing to see who can market the coolest product. You definitely need to check out those posts if you haven’t yet, then come back on Friday to learn who stands victorious and who lies defeated. For the full schedule of matches, check out this post. For rules, click this link instead.

In addition to hosting the Blogger Blitz this month, I am participating again in the Question of the Month event hosted by Later Levels. My post yesterday pitched my answer to the question: which video game most deserves a sequel? I think my answer is pretty competitive this time around compared to some of my recent attempts, so I’m excited to see what happens in this month’s poll.

In addition to Later Levels, I am working with a few other bloggers on collaborative pieces or assisting with projects they are planning. Not all of these may appear on Adventure Rules, and for some I don’t even know the timeline, but any time I assist with a project or collaborate on an article with another blogger, I’ll let you know so you can fully appreciate how awesome they are!

Another exciting development in August is that I will finally have tabletop gaming back in my life. My friend whose wedding I attended last month is going to GM a game of Dungeon World over Roll20. This will be the first time I get to participate in Dungeon World as a player rather than a GM, and I am so excited to run the character I came up with. I’ll be playing as a spunky ranger named Pascal with a magical blink dog called Splice as my animal companion. Sharp arrows, sharper wit, and a playful dog who may be more trouble than he’s worth should all add up to make a pretty interesting experience. With a fighter, bard, and wizard as my companions, I look forward to filling to stealth role in our party, something I haven’t done since the very first TTRPG I played! For those who enjoy seeing tabletop content on the blog, this is a beacon of hope, as finally being involved in a game will give me plenty to talk about. And if Roll20 works smoothly for our group, I’m planning to GM our next game, hopefully something none of us have ever played before.

Finally, August is a big month for Adventure Rules in that the very last day of the month is the blog’s two year anniversary! Hard to believe that I have been at it this long, because in a way it feels like things are just picking up. But it took hard work and perseverance (mostly the latter) to get to this point, so I’m pretty proud of the accomplishment. I am planning a suitably big and goofy project for the anniversary, so you definitely want to be here August 31st to see what I have up my sleeve!

It’s going to be quite busy here between Blogger Blitz, the 2 year anniversary, and moving to a new city. It’s exciting to have so much to look forward to, and I hope you are excited for all the content heading your way, adventurers! I’d love to hear what you have in store this month, so be sure to leave a comment with your own big plans!

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