“Which Video Game Should Have Had a Sequel?”

We live in a world full of sequels. In an economy where a brand new idea is a risky investment, it’s a lot easier to just make movies out of books, games out of movies, and sequels for everything that does marginally well. This is a culture where one book is frequently split into two or three films just to milk it for what it’s worth. Movies that would have been just fine standing on their own are stretched out into a series three or four films long. And video games – well, don’t even get me started on yearly-release franchises.

In this sequel-heavy world, it’s hard to imagine a video game that didn’t get the sequel it deserved. Yet that’s exactly what Later Levels has asked in August’s Question of the Month event. If you aren’t familiar with Question of the Month, you gotta pay a visit to Later Levels to see what’s up. I compete in this event with lots of talented bloggers who are all submitting their own answers to this doozy of a question, so you should check them all out! The only rule is that I have merely 100 words to convince you that my game needs a sequel more than the others.

So what game did I choose to join the world of sequels?

Pokemon Snap!
Pokemon Snap 2.jpg

While originally intended not to be a Pokemon game at all, Pokemon Snap stole the hearts of N64 players during its time. It was a blast exploring the multifaceted levels, taking pictures of our favorite creatures and figuring out the trick to luring them into the open or getting them to evolve. With over 800 Pokemon to choose from over seven unique regions, a sequel would have tons of potential for variety and exploration. And the gyro controls of the Switch could be used to create the sensation of legitimately holding a camera. How has this not happened yet?!

What do you think, adventurers? Would you play a Pokemon Snap sequel? Would you want it more than any of the other games suggested? Then you should totally vote for Pokemon Snap in this conveniently located poll! Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the other bloggers who worked hard to craft an answer for this question!

5 thoughts on ““Which Video Game Should Have Had a Sequel?”

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    1. I may do a full post after Question of the Month is over (so I don’t influence votes) on exactly what I would want from a Pokemon Snap sequel. There are so many awesome things they could do with this game.

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  1. oh snap! i got into photagraphy over the years and particular love shooting wildlife. A pokemon snap sequel would be awesome, especially seeing how good photo modes are in games now. There’s so many settings you can tweak to achieve depth and bokeh and all sorts of cool stuff. It’s like literally having your camera and lens in the digital world and gets the same results.


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