Blogger Blitz – Round 1, Fight 1: Retail Rumble!

Today is the first match of the Blogger Blitz, and LightningEllen has accomplished the toughest task of all – getting her sponsored character Lightning to participate! Come see what product they sell to the masses in Retail Rumble!

LightningEllen's Release

Let’s Get Ready to Reeettttaaaiiilll!!! The event brought to you by Adventure Rules, #BloggerBlitz, is now officially on! In just 500 words, can I convince you one of Lightning’s items is better at retailing than something from Indiana Jones? Probably not, but I’m gonna have fun failing, epically!

Be sure to also check out my talented rival’s blog, NekoJonez, to read a much better sales pitch for Indiana Jones.

GOGOGO!! Word count starts, now:

“You entered me in a WHAT!?” Yeah, I failed to consider the first hurdle – convincing my cranky shero to willingly participate. “And you actually think I’m going sell this??”

“Come on, Lightning. Please?” I implored. She wouldn’t punch me, her biggest fangirl, would she? She wouldn’t. Yep, she totally would. Alas, I probably should’ve picked Aloy instead.

“Fine. I swear, you’re more needy than Hope and Serah combined.” She growled as she…

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