Blogger Blitz Rules and Regulations

It has come to my attention over the past couple of days that I perhaps could have been a tiny bit clearer about the expectations for those participating in the Blogger Blitz event. I mean, it’s nothing major, really. Just one or two quick quest-
Blogger Blitz Question OneSee, like I said, just one or two-
Blogger Blitz Question TwoAlright, so there were a lot. But I mean, it’s not like I missed anything important…
Blogger Blitz Question Three.PNGYikes. Well, Dad always said he wasn’t a glassmaker.

While I have stated the answers to some of the questions I have received (or at least implied them) at different points on Twitter or here on the blog, I’ve never given one specific location with everything that a competitor or judge will need to know. So the purpose of today’s post is information – today I’ll dispel all questions related to the subject of the Blogger Blitz (hopefully). So let’s jump in and learn some rules, adventurers!

1.) When you submit a post for the Blogger Blitz, you have a limit of 500 words to phrase your argument. This DOES NOT include things like an intro or outro – feel free to explain the idea of the Blogger Blitz, as some of the people seeing the post might not follow me and therefore have no idea what’s going on. The 500 word limit applies specifically to the body of your post, the argument proving why your character is the best at the event.

2.) Your post should be published according to your place on the match schedule. This will always be a Monday. As far as what time you post it, that doesn’t matter so much – we all live in different time zones and each blog’s audience responds best to posts at a certain time of day. Do what works for your blog – as long as the post goes up Monday, you’re good to go.

3.) Your post should link two other blogs: mine and your opponents. Feel free to credit me as the host of Blogger Blitz, but on a more practical note, let your followers know that the RESULTS of each match will be posted on my page. If they want to find out whether or not you actually won, they’ll need to check out my post on Friday. You should link your opponent’s blog so that anyone reading your post can go check theirs out as well.

4.) Once your post is published, there will not be any editing permitted. No going back and changing parts of your argument to adjust to your opponent’s post. If you have a legitimate need to do some editing for practical purposes (“ugh, I misspell mozezerrela every single time!”), then be courteous and let me know that you’re making changes.

5.) Plan ahead! If you know your match is coming up and you find out you have some kind of crazy work-related thing the day before, don’t wait til the day before to write your post. Naturally if extenuating circumstances come up, we’ll adjust, but there’s a clear difference between extenuating circumstances and procrastination. While me lecturing about procrastination is definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I procrastinate when it only affects my own blog – this is an event where 13 other bloggers are counting on you (and me!) to post on time. So be respectful to all participants and make sure to schedule your post ahead of time if you aren’t going to be available to post it on the proper day.

6.) Finally, while I did my best to create random events that were fair and reasonable, it is within the realm of possibility that your character might end up in a category that is effectively impossible for them. I am not familiar with every character that was submitted into the contest, meaning I don’t know all of their abilities and weaknesses. If you ended up in a category that, because of some flaw or feature of your character, is not going to be possible, let me know. I’ll discuss it with the judges and if we come to a majority agreement that the event is unfairly biased, we can change the event. I don’t expect this rule to come up, but I wanted to go ahead and have a standard in place in case it does!

I was prepared!

1.) When the posts for the match go up on Monday, you have until Thursday to read them and determine which one you believe to be the victor. Be sure to think not only of which one you pick, but why you pick them.

2.) Once you’ve made your decision, please send to me your vote and a description of your reasoning. This can be done via the Direct Message feature of Twitter or by sending a message to the Adventure Rules Facebook page. Again, I’ll need these by Thursday at the latest so I can prepare the results post by Friday. Of course, the earlier the better! 😉

3.) Please be aware of the competitor rules for when you read their posts. Five judges and a host have a much better chance of making sure everyone is playing fair than just one host. Not that anyone won’t play fair; our competitors are the best competitors!

4.) You may have other duties as needed. If at any point there needs to be a ruling on something (like, say, these rules), I’ll come to you all to ask for your thoughts. After all, I’m just one guy, and something I come up with could be impractical or just plain wrong. Your input will help things to run smoothly here!

5.) I’ll be linking your blogs in every results post as a thank you for helping with the Blogger Blitz – that’s a rule for me!
Retail Rumble! In this event, two competitors will present a marketing plan for one item intrinsic to their character. An item that is intrinsic might be something the character always has with them – take Mario’s hat or overalls, for example – or it might be a regular part of their suite of abilities – like the fire flower or power shroom. You choose one item and convince the judges why that one item would sell like hotcakes!

Mail Delivery! Two competitors race to deliver mail in a typical suburban neighborhood, but there’s a twist – Cerberus, the three-headed hound of Hell, is right on your heels! You want to convince the judges that your character will be able to fend off Cerberus while still delivering mail the fastest. For those unfamiliar with Cerberus, here’s a visual reference:

He can tear up the mail, bark at cars, and bite your butt all at the same time!

Dance Off! This competition is all about convincing the judges that your character can create the best music video. Feel free to include a link to the song you envision your video being set to. All your character abilities can be used to great visual effect. Prove that your character is the best dancer to win the match!

Match Maker! It’s a mission to find love for a malboro (I just realized that what I put on Twitter was marlboro, the cigarette brand), the most horrifying creature in Final Fantasy history. Malboro are known for their putrid breath, breath so terrible that when exhaled on a party of adventurers, it can cause a range of status ailments from poison to confusion to becoming Doomed to die! Finding someone – or something – for a creature like that is pretty intimidating, but it’s up to you to convince the judges why your character can do it.

Ain’t ‘e cute?

That should about cover us, folks. If you are a competitor or a judge and still have questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will address them. Our first match is coming up on Monday and I am crazy excited to see what LightningEllen and NekoJonez bring to the table! The Blogger Blitz is about to begin, adventurers – so come back on Monday to check it out!

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  1. This all sounds so official, and I have to post mine tomorrow… I’m terrified, haha. And no matter how good spellcheck is, I always manage to mess something up 🙂

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    1. I have confidence that you will do excellently! And you can always let us know you need to edit if some extra spellcheck is necessary. 😉

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