Blogger Blitz Round #1: Retail Rumble

The time has come, adventurers, the first match of the Blogger Blitz is here! NekoJonez takes a “novel” approach in making his case for a very appropriate and topical product for Indiana Jones to market. Check out his article to see exactly what he’s bringing to the match!

NekoJonez's Gaming Blog


What is this?

What is Blogger Blitz?

Basically, it’s a writing competitionbetween bloggers we are doing for fun. I could explain everything in detail, but the organizer has written a very long blog post about it. In this post, you can find all other bloggers who are in this competition. So, feel free to read this post if you want more information.

First Round!

So, I have the honor to start in the first round and start the first “battle”. So, today I’m presenting you with this:


Basically, the goal of this round is to convince you and the judges that a certain iconic item of the character can be mass produced and sell the best. For example, Minecraft Steve can mass produce diamond tools and sell them at a high price.

Since I choose Indiana Jones as my character, I’ll try and convince you about what he could…

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